The Best Foundation Framework



This is the framework that any homeschooling mom can adapt and design a personalized curriculum for their own child/ren aged between 4-6. I shared this with couple of local homeschooling mothers and had a reviewing sessions where I went into the details of each subject/method etc. InshaAllah, sisters, if you want to try it out go ahead and if you want kind of homeschool review session via email or just to share your concerns or ask questions on it, please do not hesitate to get back to me via the comments section inshaAllah.


SUBJECTS (listed in the order of importance) METHODS
Principles for all subjects Short lessons, varied order of subjects, varied order of activities, teach in the mornings preferably between 10-12am, start with circle time+dhikr+dua (Rabbi Zidni 3ilma)
QUR’AN HIFDH Listen and repeat. Recite 5-6 surahs regularly, try to alternate surahs daily when child memorizes more than 15.


QUR’AN TASFEER Picture Tafseer worksheets, read aloud stories and hadith, narration


QUR’AN READING Qur’an centred word workbooks, Word Flow flashcards, Ahsanul Qawaid


SEERAH Tell Me About Prophet Muhammad (saw) by Goodword books, read aloud one story at a time with a follow-up arts/crafts activity, narration


  1. Tracing the letters for handwriting, use Arabic alphabet wooden puzzles and Arabic alphabet wooden blocks for recognition, vocabulary worksheets to memorize words in Arabic
  2. Copywork for handwriting, Arabic story books to read, watch Islamic educational cartoons in Arabic 30 mins daily
  3. Hear and Speak then Read and Write


AQEEDA Islamic Studies for Preeschoolers workbooks, Goodword Islamic Studies Grade 1, 2 and 3. Follow up activities


PROPHETS’ STORIES Story Books, follow up activities, narration


FIQH (Salah and Wudu) Hands on approach. Do plenty of activities, lapbooks, bulletin boards as well as physically practising salah/wudu


LITERACY plenty of Read Aloud time with a child using Living Books, narration, flashcards, Montessori 3 set cards, phonics+blending depending which method child is more keen


NUMERACY MEP Reception; MEP Year 1. Do plenty of activities with Math Manipulatives (marbles, popsicle sticks, shape sorters, building blocks, legos, beads+threading)


GEOGRAPHY Map Drill of seerah stories, prophets’ stories, use globe+map at Together Read Aloud times


WRITING Copywork for handwriting; written narration for composition (short stories from seerah for both handwriting and composition)


4 thoughts on “The Best Foundation Framework

  1. saira says:

    Salam sis I am so inspired by you Masha Allah may Allah swt bless you and your family ameen can you please write an article on how to keep yourself motivated and a routine we could follow to make homeschooling easier my daughter is 2 and a half and I really want to start homeschooling with her x


  2. oum Sakiena says:

    Sallaamu alaykum Im oum sakiena from Holland, im, mother from 1 child and shes now 1years old and im now trying to prepare myself properly. I noticed that it has to start all with yourself. And seeing this framework , i can use it already for myself and InshaaAallaah if my girl is ready for it, i can just involve her and ofcourse by her level.

    DjazaakumuLaahu khayraa ukhtaa was Sallaamu alaykum


  3. umm abdillah says:

    assalamu’alaykum, sister. i’m umm abdillah from abdillah from malaysia. i love reading your reading and it inspires me so much to start homeschooling my son. i would like to know if it is ok to apply this curriculum on a 3-year-old kid? or do you have other that suits them? barakallahu feek.


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