The Best Foundation


A couple of weeks ago I was reviewing the kids learning progress with each subject and I was thinking of their developing little personalities. It is then I made the decision to focus these early years more on Qur’an and the Islamic Studies. We all want to give our children the best foundation. And I am sure we all agree that best foundation is found in the Qur’an and the Sunnah.

So, I have kind of made a new very flexible curriculum to follow. I will add it as a new page called Curriculum. And you can see there the main subjects to be covered in our curriculum is Qur’an– hifdh/memorization, reading/tajweed and Tafseer; Arabic– improve all the language skills such as reading, writing, listening and speaking; Islamic Studies– Aqeedah, Seerah, Prophet’s Stories and Fiqh.  These will be the main subjects taught and we try to incorporate literacy/numeracy/geography/science into these subjects.

For example, for literacy we read one of the prophet’s story and I ask kids to narrate me the story. Choose up to 5 vocabulary and ask them to give me definition. And for geography we find on the map where that prophet was born, find on the globe where he travelled and in which direction the town is in relation to our current country. (i.e ask questions like Is Iraq east or west of the UK etc?) So, I have dropped using the geography and science workbooks. SubhanAllah, we have been super social since Sumayya stopped attending public school and so had to prioritize the subjects to cover due to time restrictions as well. Anyway, I think all the readers get the hang of our new curriculum as we go along inshaAllah.

So, the past few weeks we have done lots of work in line with our “The Best Foundation” curriculum. We hae completed Surah An Nasr and Surah Al Masad Qur’an centred wordworkbooks and these helped us tremendously to move on with our tajweed.   

We read the story of Nuh a.s and kids can narrate the story in the right sequence/order of events. They coloured a picture based on story, cut out and pasted on to a hard-stock paper. Then each decorated their own papers. Sumayya tried to draw her own ship with animals on board.


We have finished the first 10 lessons from Ahsanul Qawaid with Sumayya and Alhamdulillah she is reading well. The lessons are getting more difficult for her now, she found the beginning too easy and could read independently. She has learnt the use of “tanvin” (an, in, un) and the long Aa sound (fatha+alif next to letter as you can see on the following pages). I kept explaining to her how fatha+alif make long “aa” sound and she calls it double A now. In the exercises to read all the words are the high frequency words from the Qur’an and whenever she comes across that she knows from a particular surah, she recites the full ayah and we try to guess which surah the word is taken from. (Usually even I cant remember which ayah the word is from even though we remember the full ayah)

Safiyya is still learning the 3rd lesson, the use of fatha/damma/kasra for a, i, u sounds. And she is learning the letters in different forms too. Alhamdulillah she is very keen since she started Arabic school


Aqeeda, we are still learning the names and attributes of Allah swt. I take 10 out each week. Sumayya reads, Safiyya does letter hunting on flashcards and we talk about meaning/discuss.


Arabic- they do 1-2 pages from their workbooks as and when they want. They are memorizing new words. Sumayya has picked up lots of words from her Arabic story books. Alhamdulillah my husband reads aloud to them daily. One day I was sat trying to read one of the story books called A Strange Circle and Sumayya kept translating for me all the words I asked for. I genuinely didnt know the meaning and when I checked from the back she was correct, subhanAllah. And another day they were watching one of the Arabic Cartoons and it kept saying “Li Maza” and I asked her and Sumayya said it meant “Why?” . Also when Ibrahim cries she says “La Tabki” “Don’t cry”. So, her spoken Arabic is just coming along. And she is doing copywork for her handwriting.

Safiyya is trying to write the individual letters independently, no tracing. Alhamdulillah, she is trying well lol. And she has memorized all the words for Jism- Human body parts and trying to write them independently as most of them are 3 letter words. She knows a couple of Arabic songs for body parts and another about cat that she absolutely LOVES singing. I forgot to take picture of her independent handwriting. She can count till 10 in Arabic and recognizes the number 0-10. Now she is learning to count till 20. I gave her this basic math sheet just to keep her busy one day when I was trying to explain something to Sumayya. I am trying to find more work for her independent self-study time, I really need this so that I could give some individual time for both.


Sumayya has started using Scribe from Learning Roots for her handwriting. I got it last year but thought it was a bit too advanced for her level at the time. And I think I was right. She is really enjoying it at the moment and it is based on copywork. It moves from copying individual letters to letters in different forms to words to sentences and it provides copywork for a few hadith at the right end. I would highly recommend it to any sisters trying to improve their kids Arabic handwriting, age 5 and above would use it more to the purpose.