Extra curricular activities


I am searching for some extra curricular activities to enrol the kids. I took the girls swimming on Saturday. It was the first time we went after 5-6 months. We all loved it so much. I have realized how much we all missed being in the pool and swimming. I want to do it weekly but the costs are so high at where we go. Then I thought I have to search for some cheaper swimming classes for the girls, some martial art classes for the elder three, or send them to local scouts groups or something. As I have not found anything yet, we have all been watching some children performing gymnastics videos on youtube and trying to exercise at home.

The thing is, we go RE (Arabic, Tajweed, Islamic Studies) classes 4:30-6:30 Monday-Friday and I see them as being important as they get some classroom experience and socializing with peers. And because I actually teach there, it is convenient for me to take the kids with me. So, anything that we do has to be before 4pm Monday-Friday or the weekend. And that means if we choose to attend something Mon-Fri then we have to dismiss the homeschool hours during that day as to get in and out of the house with 4 children is not easy. And I feel once we are out, even if it is just for one hour the whole day is gone. So, I am still in two minds about it.

They go to local park to ride their bikes once a week and get to play in garden a lot. Would it be enough sports or outdoor activity for the week though? I do believe it is important to keep them active and teach them some sports, especially swimming (both sunnah and life-saving skill). Then, I am stuck between finding the appropriate class where I can take/drop off all three, at the same time on the same day. The age and gender difference do not help hey!!! What do you do then? I wonder what most homeschoolers do? I would hate being in and out of the house trying to drop off/pick up all 4 kids from different extra curricular things all the time.

What do you do with your children? What kind of sports classes do they attend after school? Does it really help them with their performance, health etc? If so in what ways and what do you recommend?