Math Manipulatives


In order to accommodate Safiyya’s learning style, I have decided to use more math manipulatives during our math sessions. Math manipulatives are things like beads, sticks, legos, building blocks, marbles, matching/sequencing/flashcards. In a nutshell, they are both visual and touch-and-feel items that are used to grasp math concepts. These are ideal for children who are kinaesthetic learners. I have taught numbers/colors/shapes/repeating patterns etc using math manipulatives to both of my daughters. But Sumayya was ok with math worksheets, workbooks and me explaining concepts and occasionally doing math manipulative activity. Safiyya, on the other hand, requires more actively engaging activities, SubhanAllah so different :)

Currently they both have workbooks from  Autumn Childrens Books. In addition we are doing addition time tables with popsicle sticks. I remember sometime ago Sumayya was able to add and substract numbers 0-20. Then we were not practising substraction/addition as much. She is confident with addition problems using numbers 0-10 and she can add them up mentally or starts using fingers whenever she is stuck in her head. Currently we are doing one more/two more/three more/four more addition timetables using all the numbers 0-20.  If the added sum is more than 10 I invite her to use popsicle sticks and she can add any number using them. Then she records all that she did in her math notebook

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