First Annual Raising Sahabas Ramadan Camp


I will be updating this page as we approach Ramadan inshaAllah. But here is some info for now. I am still making plans, researching/organizing/designing learning materials and resources for our camp. May Allah make it successfull inshaAllah.

Raisinig Sahabas- 1st Annual Ramadan camp for children between 4-7


1st group is run on Saturdays. 4-5 year olds. Saturday 21 July 2012; Saturday 28 July 2012; Saturday 4 August 2012; 11 Saturday August 2012

2nd group is run on Sundays. 6-7 year olds. Sunday 22 July 2012; Saturday 29 July 2012; Sunday 5 August 2012; Sunday 12 August 2012




Our house…..


10 children for each group


£50 per childs

-Engaging approach to learning with lots of hands-on activities: Ramadan related card games, lapbooking, cut and paste, colouring and painting, making Islamic bulletin boards and displays

-Each child receives Ramadan learning kit with plenty of fun activities and workbooks inside

-Practical workshops such as Planting a flower and building a tent as a group

-Supervised outside play time in a big spacious garden with trampoline, swing and a lot of trees+plants to discover

-Homemade lunch and healthy snacks provided throughout the day

-Follow up review and awards ceremony with Eid party. We will invite all the parents and children. All of children’s work and bulletin boards will be on display for parents to have a look inshaAllah

Week one.  Aims and Objectives:

Learn about months in Islam and Islamic Calendar. Learn about virtues of Ramadan.

Programme for the day

10am. Arrival and Salaam

10.10am. Dhikr+Dua+Quick ice breaker game on Ramadan

10.30am. What are the months in Islam? Read through the book and watch the power point presentation on Islamic months. Sing months in Islam together. Break+snacks

11.15am What is waxing of the moon? Sponge painting different phases of the moon and explain Islamic Calendar follows the moon.

11.30am. Make Ramadan Moon Calendar Display

12.00am. Islamic Calendar Matching game

12.30pm. Lunch

13.00pm Supervised Outside playing time

13.30pm Dhohr

14.00pm My little Ramadan workbook or TJ’s Ramadan coloring book

15.00pm Qur’an was revealed in Ramadan. I love learning the Qur’an Aqeeda workbook

16.00pm. Dhikr and finish

Week two. Aims and Objectives

Learn all about Fasting. What is Fasting? Fasting in the Qur’anic verses. Fasting outside Ramadan- learn about 1st ten days of Dhul Hijja, day of Ashura, day of Arafa, 6 days of Shavval; Who is excused from fasting? Learn about fast of ill, traveller etc. What does Allah promise to those who fast? Rewards for those who fast for Allah’s sake

Programme for the day Arrival and Salaam

10.10am Dhikr+Dua+Quick ice breaker game on Fasting

10.30am What is Fasting. Read through the book and watch ppt. Sing a Ramadan song by Zaky and friends together break+snacks

11.15am. Make A Fasting Day Islamic Bulletin Board

12.00am. making Fasting outside Ramadan and who is excused from Ramadan lapbooks

12.30pm. Lunch

13.00pm. Supervised outside playing time

13.30pm Dhohr

14.00pm. My little Fasting journal

15.00pm. Planting/Seeding workshop and Allah created Nature Aqeeda workbook

16.00pm. Dhikr and Finish

Week three. Aims and Objectives:

Learn about the battle of badr; Learn about the virtues of the last ten days of Ramadan; Laylatul Qadr hifdh+tafseer, what is laylatul qadr and when? What do muslims do on laylatal qadr?

Programme for the day

10.00am Arrival and Salaam

10.10am Dhikr+Dua+quizz on Ramadan

10.30am. The history of battle of Badr. Read through the book and watch ppt.

11.00am. break+ snacks

11.15am. Making Reminders for the last ten days Islamic Bulletin Board

12.00am. Qiyamul Layl and Taraweeh card games

12.30pm. Lunch

13.00pm. Supervised Outside Play time

13.30pm. Dhohr

14.00pm. Surah Qadr word workbook- learning to read in Arabic and memorizing surah Qadr

15.00pm. Children’s pictorial tafseer of surah Qadr– bulletin board-display.

16.00pm. Dhikr and Finish

Week 4.  Aims and Objectives:

Learn all about Eid; manners of celebrating Eid; Eid celebrations around the globe

Programme for the day Arrival and Salaam.

10.10am Dhikr+Dua+quiz on Eid

10.30am. How did the prophet and sahabas celebrate Eid. Read through the book and watch ppt.

11.00am. Break+snacks

11.15am. Manners of Eid- making bulletin board

12.00am. Zakaat al Fitr card game

12.30pm. Lunch

13.00pm. Supervised Outside Play time

13.30pm. Dhohr

14.00pm. Muslims around the globe celebrating Eid read the book and do group painting

15.00pm. Group work. Making a tent- Aqeeda workbook- Allah gave me a house to live.

16.00pm. Dhikr and Finish

Let your child experience Ramadan like never before with our 1st Annual Raising Sahabas Ramadan camp inshaAllah!!!

5 thoughts on “First Annual Raising Sahabas Ramadan Camp

  1. Dilnoza says:

    Ummsumayya, May Allah reward and protect you, I am not creative at all and I was in the process of looking thru blogs for Ramadan activities for my children, can I please borrow these ideas? Masya Allah you simply laid them out one by one. How great for those who live around you and attend the camp!


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