New classroom


Alhamdulillah we have been having very productive days with kiddies. Our cellar has been converted into a granny flat with seperate bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom. It has been empty ever since we moved, well it has only been a month and a half. I have decided to turn it into a school- the bathroom is right next door to living room (which I am using as a classroom). And I can line up the kids to walk into the kitchen and give their snack there inshaAllah. I had this idea but I was thinking it might be a bit cold. But alhamdulillah, it is not that cold and it actually gets warmer quicker due to rooms being smaller in size (comparing to upstairs rooms).

So, I said to kids that they have got a new classroom now. And when we go down to our school I am not their mommy but the teacher. So, they have to listen to me better and work harder. They were both so excited about the new school within our house and they have been following all the school rules, alhamdulillah.

We have made a good deeds tree and hang it on the wall. They collect flowers with their names on it for reciting a surah nicely, neat writing and doing their literacy/numeracy work without being lazy. Alhamdulillah, we have been having more productive days as we get in a proper learning mood as soon as we go down (both myself and children).









I have put some of our old posters on the walls; numbers 0-20, ABC phonics, The Solar Planet, Map of EU, shapes- these are mainly for Safiyya to keep revising inshaAllah. And we have a separate reading corder with shelf which we have been using to put up our Islamic Bulletin Boards. I gave most of ours away to Islamic nursery that a sister opened last year. So, we will be making more IBB and then display 2 different ones each week to review inshaAllah.









I am using the drawers and worktops of the kitchen as my resource centre lol. Alhamdulillah though, it worked out nicely. I can put my things in the drawers and because it is in a seperate room kids dont get distracted. I only take whatever we need during our sessions into the classroom and if need be for some more paints, crayons, cards etc- I quickly get it as it is only next door to our classroom.

And I keep most of our materials in boxes- easy for me to take out when I need. There are 2 big red boxes. One is called literacy box and in there we can find all our literacy/reading related materials- flashcards, phonics matching puzzles, lots of reading related jigsaw puzzles, rhyme games, 3 part MTS cards, lots of phonics related wooden knob puzzles, learning box, Jolly Phonics books etc. The second one is called numeracy box- again full with numeracy/math/numbers related materials, matching cards, sorting cards, flashcards for shapes/numbers, marbles and beads for threading and other small objects/math manipulative, numbers related jigsaw and wooden puzzles etc. These are great for circle time activities, for quick revision and review to refresh kids minds inshaAllah.









I have smalled pink drawer style boxes. One keeps arts/crafts related things. The other one is for Academic workbooks- I dont heavily rely on workbooks but use them as a last resort when I haven’t planned something for the day. So, I would rather keep them in a seperate box and pull out one when we need inshaAllah. And the third is our Arabic/Islamic box. We use this box to keep our Islamic Studies and Arabic language related activities- Box of Manners, Dua Cards and Qur’anic Opposites jigsaw puzzles from Learning Roots, Arabic alphabet wooden puzzle and jigsaw floor-puzzle from Emaan Productions and lots of other homemade matching/sorting card games.