Building circuits and writing descriptions


The time seems to be flying past. SubhanAllah, weekend comes around so quickly and before you know it is Monday again.

We read an extract from the book Ginger Pye by Eleanor Estes. Kids read and answered questions. They also learnt about the use of adjectives in descriptions. Points to remember:

  • Adjectives are words that describe nouns
  • When we read stories adjectives in description help to create an image in our head
  • Adjectives that are synonyms used together to create more effect (Ex. The puppy had a white, soft, fluffy fur.)

Children identified adjectives in descriptions and wrote their own description of something for the class to guess. Year 4/5 group also learnt about making adjectives by adding suffixes to nouns (Ex. danger- dangerous)


All kids did the following problem solving activities in groups.
Guessing the number. They have numbers 1-100 in front of them. They have to listen to the description of a number and guess what number is. So example: The number is greater than 50. The number is even number. If you add the digits you get 13. The difference between the digits is 3. What is the number? Answer 58.

Odds and Evens. Kids have 4×6 grid with 24 boxes. They have 18 counters. They have to put the counters in the boxes in such a way that there are even number of them in each row and columns. This was really hard as they struggled to understand the problem. And they kept trying to place the stones in different boxes but couldn’t solve it.

Activity with cubes. 4 cubes are used to make a stand for 3 winners at the Olympic Games. If 9 cubes are used to make a stand for 5 winners, how many cubes are needed to make a stand for 7 winners? Answer 16.

Mashallah, these activities are really helpful to develop reasoning and logical thinking. Some children are finding it difficult solve the problems as they are not used to these kind of problems in Maths. They mostly struggle to grasp concepts, to really understand what is the problem. Some elder children understand the problem but don’t have the tools or strategies to solve the problems. I am hoping these will become easier inshaAllah as we practice more in the future.

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After group activities, they did their individual works. Year 3/4 group- practice adding and subtracting with numbers upto 1000. Some kids struggled with subtraction and the rule of “borrowing”. Also, a couple of students need more explaining and practice in place value. Year 4/5 group covered working out the area and perimeter of a rectangle. Again, a couple of students struggled multiplying two digit numbers which they will need more practice.


Following on from Electricity unit, kids learnt about materials used in building circuits such as conductors, insulators and resistors. They practiced building parallel and series circuits using water. They learnt about electrons and how salty water can act as conductor and lets electricity pass. They fixed problems in incomplete circuits.

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Alhamdulillah, most children have completed their homework which is really important. It is difficult to make a progress unless parents reinforce what is taught in class at home and children practice outside classroom. We look forward to week three inshaAllah.


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