Hajj Break

English: A picture of people performing (circu...

English: A picture of people performing (circumambulating) the . This picture taken from the gate of Abdul Aziz seems to divide the Kaaba and the minarets into mirror images of one another.


We have resumed the classes last Tuesday the 29th October 2013 after our 3 week long break due being away to perform Hajj (seperate post is due on this later inshaAllah).

Alhamdulillah, the girls are doing surprisingly well. I had expected them to forget few things, to have meltdowns and emotional moments when we start the more structured classes at home. However, they are pretty much on the ball with every subject.

We are doing Qur’an hifdh, Qur’an reading and Qur’an tafseer daily. I don’t plan anything for these. I ask them to recite 5 random surahs from Juzz Amma. Then Sumayya reads 1 surah daily from 29th Juzz. I ask Safiyya to read 1-2 short surahs from the back. Sumayya did have 1-2 meltdowns initially. But after I have told them my Hajj stories and how everyone makes so much effort to do more ibadah over there in Mecca, she was a bit more motivated. So, after hifdh and tajweed, I read them the meanings/translation of 1 surah from Juzz Amma daily using the Uzbek translation of meanings of the Qur’an. Sumayya really wants to read that Qur’an book which is in Cyrillic alphabet so she keeps asking me to teach her how to read Russian sooner so she can read the Uzbek translation of Qur’an we have at home. I intend to start teaching Russian again starting from next week. Ibrahim started memorizing the last 3 surahs, like officially lol. He has his own turn after I finish with the girls and we do some listen+repeat session with him.

Then we do Math daily using MEP Year1 for Safiyya and MEP Year2 for Sumayya. Again,I am surprised how they have been able to pick up from where we left without any difficulty. Alhamdulillah, either Allah has made things really easy for them (and me) or sometimes having a long/relaxing break would help to reinstate their knowledge. Anyhow, this hajj break did all of us so much good, Alhamdulillah.

Then we do English daily. I am trying to get Safiyya read more. We went to the library last week where I encouraged Safiyya to choose her own books so we can read it together at bedtime. She usually chooses her own books but this time I did point out that she would read them to me and I would help with the words she gets stuck. I don’t know how/why she doesn’t like reading even though she can read. I guess it is in her nature. She does tons of DIY jobs daily at home. She is more hands-on/practical person. Anyway, I am going to encourage her to read more. We have even started Evan-Moor Grade 1 Science book with her so she can practise her reading by reading the instructions inside, doing the experiments and writing reports (not necessarily story books). We have covered the first 4 lessons and she does not seem to appreciate it much. We will see how it goes inshaAllah.

Sumayya is mashaAllah doing well in English. We do word definitions (I give her a list of words to write down the meanings), spelling, book-writing and use a dictionary. Last week I gave her the resources and asked her to write a book on how Allah created this world and everything in it. So, she what she made looked like an information booklet with 4 pages. There are some pictures on each page and she wrote her own sentences like “Allah created angels from light. Allah created jin from smoke of fire. Then Allah created Adam a.s. etc etc”. She makes grammatically correct sentences. I am planning to use sister Imaan’s topic-based lapbooking projects with Sumayya inshaAllah.

We have managed to do 2 Arabic sessions. We have revised all the vocabulary with Safiyya on Body Parts, Colours, Shapes, Animals, Fruits+Vegetables. She can even read those words, alhamdulillah.

We are on lesson 5 in Madina Arabic Reader Book 1 with Sumayya. Again, we have revised the vocabulary of lessons 1-4, practised reading with exercises inside and I do little tests on vocab and reading. We are not putting any emphasis on Arabic handwriting at the moment.

Generally speaking, I am pleased with their progress the past 2 weeks. We still do all our learning between 10am-12pm in the mornings. They have got the whole afternoon to play and until 10am in the mornings. We leave for work at 4 pm where they have Tajweed, Arabic and Islamic Studies 4:30-6:30pm and Free/Fun Playtime with peers 6:30-7:30pm. They are tired by the time we come home usually around 7:45pm. So, we come home and have something to eat (something light as they have full meal just before we leave the house at 4pm). All three are usually in bed by 8:30pm. Sometimes I read them a bedtime story, sometimes I tell them one of my interesting Hajj stories off the top of my head, sometimes I leave the lights on for 10 minutes so they can read 1-2 of their own books borrowed from the library.

They did get to play in the garden a lot the past 10 days even though the weather has been cold. And their dad took them to local playground twice. They love it outdoors, just like any other child I think. Sumayya wants to ride her bike but I am not sure when she will get the chance. We got them some warm winter boots today. I have got to think some other ways of keeping them occupied outside teaching hours. InshaAllah we are going to start to go to swimming on Saturday. And I will try to find one other extra curricular thing to do during the week, biithnillah.


5 thoughts on “Hajj Break

  1. umm sarah says:

    Rahmat Umm Sumayya, nasib qilsa biz ham Hajjga tezroq borishga niyatimiz bor.
    Sog’liklarimiz yahshi alhamdulillah. Ibrohimga maktab rosa yoqib tushdi, u full time boradi. Math’ni yahshi korgani uchun ko’p math qilisharkan. Sarah abeddan keyin boradi, uniki ko’proq ingliz tilini praktika qilish bolyapti. Maktab paytgacha uyda dars qilamiz. Unga arab tili, tajweed kitoblari yoqadi alhamdulillah, yahshi korib dars qiladi. Ibrohimgayam kunda ozgina arab tili, tajweed qildiraman lekin Sarah’chalik yugurib kelib, hohlab qimeydi. Quron qaytarashadi, yangi suralar organishyapti kunda. Ikkovlariyam ozlari yahshi kor’gan fanlari yahshi korib qilishadi, oson organishadi. Uncha yoqmaganlarini har hil yo’llar bilan o’rgatishga harakat qilyapmiz. Nasib qilsa comment yozib turishga harakat qilaman.


  2. umm sarah says:

    Assalamu alaikum,
    Umm Sumayya, Alloh qabul qilsin Hajj ibodatingizni. Hursand bo’ldim eshitib mashaAllah. Bolalariz sog’ingan bulsa kerak ketganiylarda?

    Homeschooling ham yahshi ketganida hursandman, davomli bo’lsin inshaAlloh.


    • Waleykumussalam. Amin. Albatta Alloh hammadan qabul qilsin. Barchaga nasib qilsin inshalla Albatta mahkam niyat qilib tezroq borishga harakat qilish kk ekan har inson. Alhamdulila bolalar yaxshi. Ibrohim kuproq sogingan qizlar uncha emas. Homeschooling ham ketyapdi. Kuproq faqat islomiy darslar qilamiz. Har kuni academic dan faqat math qilamiz. Kun ora english. Bazan bazan science. Asosan tajweed arab tili va tafsir hadith organyabmiz. Bolalariz yaxshimi ozizkini? Maktabga oson konikib ketgandur? Ozizni sogliklariz? Comment yozib turin. Oqib juda hursand buldim


  3. Niveen Fahmy says:

    Masha’Allah sister. Praises to you for all the hard work you are doing for your family. I’m homeschooling my 6 and 4 year old daughters (I have a 1.5 year old son as well). I know that it is not easy and takes a lot of you but at the end you do love how you positively (insha’Allah) influence your kids life and become closer to them. I have a question for you though. You mentioned that it takes you 2 hours in the morning then another 2 hours in the afternoon for Islamic studies. For me, however, I try to finish everything at once with breaks in the middle when needed. I tend to start with my oldest at 8:00 A.M. then my younger joins in an hour or two later. Between joggling things with all three kids (especially that the little one is sooooo demanding!!!) and we usually end by 2:00 PM … We always cover English, Math, Arabic and Quran on a daily basis then we add history on Mondays, science on Tuesdays … Art and typing on Wednesdays and Spanish on thursdays …Fridays are Islamic studies and arts and crafts day before we head to the mosque for Jumma … anyhow, so everyday after school they have dinner and there is always something scheduled in the evening. On Mondays, it’s library day. Tuesdays are girls scout … Wednesday nature class in the park … Thursdays free play day either at the park or play area in the mall nearby … Fridays are family fun day … and we always tend to do something fun on the weekend .. My fear is that 8 – 2 is pretty long for my oldest one (although that is what the online curriculum I am using (K12) requires) … alhamdallah she is doing well and very responsive and compliant … I just fear that as she gets older she will get bored and hate it. Do you have any recommendations sister as to what I should do to make it shorter and more concise?


    • waleykumussalam wa rahmatullah,
      MashAllah, you sound very busy sister. May Allah reward you for your hard work. May I ask you a few questions to answer your question lol. How often do you evaluate your lessons/teaching style/learning? And how do you evaluate?
      8-2 is a pretty long day for any child, especially at that age (I mean 6 is still pretty young). But then again, you know your child best and perhaps, if she is responding well as you say, you should just carry on. Maybe she can focus for longer periods compare to her peers (I have seen a lot of 6 year olds as a teacher and most of them do have shorter attention span)
      What I suggest is sister, take some time out and evaluate your homeschooling. Observe your daughter over a period of a week or so and analyse the whole situation. Be honest with yourself and answer some questions such as Does she enjoy learning? Do you never force her? How do you keep her aptitude for such a long period? Is she passionate about each subject? How long each subject lasting for? Is she not bored during that time? The activities you provide- are they hands-on/practical/fun to do etc.
      From a personal experience, our principals for learning is have shorter lessons, varied order of subjects with varied order of activities. So, have some formal work on the table followed by hands on/fun activities where some movement is involved. Or have arts/crafts where they make something etc.
      Hope that helps sister and sorry for late response : )


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