Baking fun


There is nothing that children value more than human experience. They have always got this craving for an adult attention. They all want to be heard, to be answered, to be praised.  My experience working with children taught me this. They love talking to and spending time with adults.

Alhamdulillah one of the things I have been doing a lot and really enjoying is baking fun with my kids. Since grandma stopped eating the toast bread, we started making Uzbek naan bread at home. Something that we do weekly. And since I am baking an Uzbek bread, I always add something special on the side for kids be it pizzas or biscuits or a cupcake etc. So, below are some of the things the girls have been baking.

I got big S a set of cookie cutters as part of her Eid gifts. She had been asking me when she could use those. Finally, last week we baked some cookies where all 3 enjoyed rolling the dough and cutting out their cookies. And more fun followed where they put the icing and sprinkles!!!



All my children love pizza. We bake pizza at least once a week. We only do 2 flavours as they are not keen on various different types of veg being put on top. We do tune+sweetcorn and keema with plenty of cheese each. We all love cheese, yum.




May Allah enable us to continue on this baking journey. And it works as a great treat to reward their good behaviour.


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