Writing progress


It has been a few month since eldest S decided to be an author and illustrator (in addition to dentist and teacher lol). We have not taught her anything constructive about writing. We have not done any spelling or any grammar. Yet, I believe due to the fact that she is always reading books her writing is good for her age, alhamdulillah. I think she gets inspired by the books she reads and she is always writing.

She writes prophet’s stories. Here she  wrote the story of Musa alayhissalam

Once there was a prophet named Musa he was born yet And he was a strong boy Firawn showed of to him he called all of his madigjshans They threw their stiks Musa was a bit afraid Allah told him to throw his stik It turned into a big snake

She writes her own stories

Once There was a girl She was nice to everyone And her name of Aisha She always thoht inshaAllah she would go to Jannah she made a lot of Dua to go t the highst level of Jannah Allah except all of her dua cause she was grateful as well So Allah gave her highst level of Jannah cause she said inshaAllah So she said Alhamdulillah

She makes reminder notes for us and sticks on walls

She writes hadith on crafts she makes

Who shall we love best first? allah we should love Allah and then the messenger sallahu alayhi wassalam and then your mother and father

In order to encourage her writing I suggested that we should make pop out book. Choose any pictures you like from magazines, cut them out, stick them on paper and write a story about them. She did this brilliantly, mashaAllah.

I often tell them about books I read as a child. So, I told them lots about Charlie in the Chocolate Factory, a boy who was kind, honest and a boy who had best manners. So, he won the biggest prize. I got them the film as it was on sale. Yesterday after Qur’an hifdh, we watched the film together. It was the 1st time they watched a movie and I explained lots of the details. Both girls were concentrating and didnt want me to speak much lol. This morning Sumayya wrote this. First she retold me the story then when I asked her to write she asked me to dictate. So, I was dictating her words and she wrote this


Most of her writing is independent. I don’t ask her to write, I dont dictate or I dont suggest a topic. She does it in her free time. She really enjoys drawing pictures and writing a story to go with her pictures. She often writes written narration of the stories she has read. Sometimes she twists the story and writes an Islamic version. At first I would only say “well done, mashaAllah” to encourage her to write more. Recently I have started making few spelling corrections in her writing. I taught her about full stop too. That at the end of each sentence we use full stop. And after full stop we start writing with capital letter. She tries to implement this but not always correctly as you can see in her writing. She sometimes puts full stop where it is not supposed to be or starts with capital without full stop etc. But, I think she will learn it with time inshaAllah. I hope she will pick up lots of writing skills just by reading, as happened with her spelling. I will start teaching her constructive grammar and writing maybe after she turns 7 (if she does not teach herself by then lol). InshaAllah, until then gentle correction and pinpointing in her written pieces will do the job.

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