Geography and Science


This is a short post to update children’s progress on Geography and Science. We are using workbooks from Evan-Moor for both and doing other supplementary activities of our own.

In Geography we have reviewed and finished the 1st chapter. We have learned (children are telling me)

  • Map is a drawing of a place from above
  • Map Key helps us to read the map because it tells us what symbols on map stand for
  • Map Grid is a square boxes that has letter and number. It helps us to easily locate/find the places on the map
  • Map Scale tells us the real distance between places on the map
  • Compass rose- is a compass to show us 4 main directions= North, South, East, West

Some of the practical things we did

  • We made a compass craft from paper and real one using the same idea here
  • We drew map of our bedroom
  • We drew map of our house and made a Map Key by drawing little picture for each room. Bed for bedroom, Cooking pot for kitchen, bath for bedroom, bookshelf for living room etc.
  • We measured the distance between London and Bradford on the map of UK and worked out how far the distance was between London and Bradford using map scale

We have moved on to learn more about Desserts and their Habitats. And they have some really good fun craft ideas which we are going to make inshaAllah

In Science, we have learned about The Sun

  • It is a star of hot gasses
  • It gives us light and heat
  • Animals, Plants and Humans need the sun to survive

Some of the practical activities we did

  • We have talked about the daylight and night change and read from the Qur’an surah Shams and surah Layl. We discussed that it is only by the Mercy of Allah swt that He brings daylight following the night and He makes dark again so people could rest.
  • They made the Sun puppet by painting painting the picture of sun, cutting out after it is dry and sticking the straw.


We had visitors on Thursday for iftaar. There was no talk of puppet show and without planning or anything Sumayya decided to show us puppet show using her Sun puppet. She was asking the audience from behind the sofa if they knew any hadith of the prophet. And we all said, “You tell us one”. And she said “Allah is beautiful and He loves beauty”. And other children joined and they were the Sun puppet was asking us questions about different prophets and they were telling us the story of the prophet Salih a.s and the camel.

  • We have observed how the plants grow yellow and eventually die if we block the sunlight. Use a piece of wood/plank and cover the grass in the garden. Have a look every day and it takes 3-4 days for grass to turn yellow

We have also learned about the Water in the Air in Science class.

  • There is water in the air that we can not see. It is called water vapor
  • When water vapor gets cold it turns into water drops
  • This process is called condensation

Practical activities

  • Experimented when ice cubes are put inside a glass water drops appear on the glass. Or when the weather is cold in the mornings water drops appear on windows even if it is not raining. Or the water drops on the grass in the mornings
  • Although it is not related to condensation, we have observed how wide open pine corns close in water. It took 20 mins for two acorns to close in water. When we put them out to dry, they start opening again, subhanAllah


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