Summery week


Alhamdulillah, with all the back-to-school mood out in streets and shops, we also have started our official Year 1 with Sumayya and Reception year with Safiyya. Thanks to nice weather, the 1st week of home-schooling was really successful for us. We did all our studying out in the garden all week. Alhamdulillah, what a difference the sunshine makes to our lives, truly a blessing from God.


The subjects we are covering this year are: Qur’an reading, Qur’an hifdh, Tafseer, Prophets’ Stories/Islamic Studies, Arabic language, Maths, Geography, Science and Literacy (reading with Safiyya and mainly composing +writing for Sumayya)

We have so many books and resources at home that we have not been able to use or finish. I have bought some lovely resources over the years that we didn’t have a chance to use or finish. InshaAllah we will be using them and plus lots of other supplementary resources from various websites.

Sumayya can read the Qur’an and we continue using Ahsanul Qawaid with both the girls. We listen to Qur’an and the surahs we are trying to memorize daily, read from mus’haf and listen+repeat after sheikh for 30 mins each day. Our hifdh is very slow these days and I have let them skip some days the past 2 weeks. They have been out all day playing in the garden and I have been reluctant to call them as we don’t always get such sunny weather. When they finally come in, they are just so tired and unwilling to sit and do hifdh. But, we were able to resume our hifdh session today, alhamdulillah.

I was planning to buy Ad-duha mini tafseer books for them but then changed my mind. I read them from the translation of the Qur’an in Uzbek on Friday mornings. So, Friday morning I asked Safiyya to read me all the surahs she has memorized. After each surah, I read to her the meaning in Uzbek and explained what Allah azza wa jaal told us in that surah. She was so interested and asked so many questions, mashaAllah. And Sumayya demanded that I read to her the Uzbek translation of some of the longer surahs she has memorized. I read and explained the meaning of surah Tariq, Ghashiya, Fajr, A’laa to her and she loved it too. So, I thought, since I have the tafseer of Qur’an in Uzbek, I continue reading from the book I have at hand. Although it is not children’s tafseer, we can sit down and I can explain and answer their questions in as much detail as I can. We continue in this manner on Friday mornings until a change is required (they may get bored by monotonous/repetitive way of learning or they may not, Allah knows best and time shows)

Arabic- we have been reviewing and revising a lot of the vocab we have learned in the past. Safiyya is revising numbers, shapes and colours. Sumayya is trying to finish off her book my 100 words from the Qur’an. She does copywork for Arabic handwriting nearly daily. And dad reads to them lots of stories in Arabic. They haven’t watched anything lately in Arabic for listening comprehension.


Maths. In line with MEP Year 1, we are still learning equations re pure maths and doing lots of real-life problem-solving re use of money, calendar, clock etc. We make things together and use it in our problem-solving sessions. Last week we made a clock and I just ask questions from top of my head, questions like “I had to be at the bank at 10 am. The bus got late and it was 11.30 am when I got to the bank. How late was I?” and ask them use the hands of the clock and their brain to find out the answer. Or I tell them Sumayya was born in 2007 and Safiyya in 2008, so how older Sumayya is than Safiyya? Last week we played lots of shopping game to get their grips on money and calculations of coins. I bought ELC shopping game from a local charity shop a long time ago. MashaAllah, it has come in so handy now. So, usually someone is a shop keeper and they fought so much over being shop keeper. And shop keeper chooses a spot for her shop and arranges all the products and items in the shop. I and Safiyya come in to buy and we buy a pencil and a notebook. Shopkeeper values her own products. So, she says “9p for a pencil and 15p for a notebook please” I say, “how much altogether?” She says “24pence please” and I give her 25 pence so she has to return me 1pence. This shopping game has been really popular in our household lately, we played it with real fruits, vegs and other real items instead of cards.

Geography. Trying to finish off Evan-Moor Geography workbook. Last week learned about compass, 4 main directions, mapping (map symbols, map key). I find the book so engaging mashaAllah. For example, it asks kids to draw map symbols for certain things (library, lake, school etc) and make their own map using sample above etc. I feel I have learnt a lot about mapping too and Sumayya has been so busy mapping our house, garden, her bedroom etc. They also made their own compass, very basic one.



Science. Again, trying to finish off our Evan-Moor Science workbook. We covered shadows and dissolving last week. They learnt that when an object blocks the light- it makes a shadow. Shadows have been used to tell the time in the past because people used the sun and their shadows to find out salah times. We tested the shadows of different objects in the sun- a teddy, a spoon by holding them against the sunlight and did the activities in the book.


They did the experiment on dissolving one morning using water, salt, red paint and oil. They had to make a guess what dissolves and what doesnt, do the experiment and write a follow-up report. Alhamdulillah, it was a huge hit and they wanted to do it again and again.





So, at the end they wrote salt dissolved, paint dissolved but the oil did not get dissolved in water. It formed bubbles and stood on top.

This week they are learning about growth and change. More on this later inshaAllah.

Finally, they did All about Me book by Umm an Numan.  We only printed this off and they were able to finish it off all by themselves in a day. They were so eager to finish it and they keep asking me to print some more. Here are few sample pages from Safiyya’s book.


Safiyya’s reading and writing have really improved the past 2 weeks. She is now reading well mashaAllah and shows a lot more interest when we do things together. She will be 4 this October and I remember Sumayya too started reading just before she turned 4.

We were so happy to read Sumayya’s All About Me book when she finished. On the page where she was supposed to write her birthday, she did put the date and year, but also wrote “I dont have my birthday because Muslims dont celebrate their birthdays”. On another page there was a question on what is your most favourite book after Qur’an? She wrote real-life Islamic stories. She wrote “I want to be an author and illustrator, but I dont write pretend stories I write real-life Islamic stories”. We were so proud to read her statements, mashaAllah. May Allah keep all our children on the straight path till the end.


4 thoughts on “Summery week

  1. Masha’Allah, I love the balance you have for your girls in terms of hands-on learning, play-based learning and formal, academic learning! They sound like two smart cookies, masha’Allah :) Thanks for sharing so much detail and linking to the resources you like.

    I also wondered whether you might be willing to link up your post from July 4 to a Blog Hop I’m hosting, on how to teach Hifz to your children? Your advice there is so helpful!


    • JazakAllah khayr for kind words. Sister, please teach me how to link up posts? I am really not a technical person and spend the least time possible to blog. I know I should explore this space and learn more about how to link things, put up those gadgety things too. I also have to learn how to share our own materials for others to download, if someone could give me simple step-by-step instructions inshaAllah


  2. Dilnoza Azamova says:

    Great work indeed Masya Allah love love Evan Moor Workbooks. I also suggest “Bubbles, Rainbows and Worms. Science Experiments For Preschool Children” by Sam Ed Brown. Its loaded with easy experiments such as what you find in Evan Moor’s. Alhamdullilah home schooling is going awesome with us too, sometimes I think I enjoy it more myself, learning along my own kids. Madeena’s reading has improved soo much during this summer and so did her writing and spelling. When it comes to hifz I dont see much enthusiasm as she used to have when she was four and its actually ok with me and I am not pushing much we are just revising what we learnt so far. The curriculum that I am with discourages teaching Islamic Studies as a subject and tells that we need to show Islam as a way of life and not a subject; it intentionally postpones most of the subjects saying that at this age 2-6 kids are in creative stage and should learn as they go having fun and that even in Sunnah formal education starts at age 7. What are your thoughts on this opinion? I actually deviated from it myself because by the time I bought the package Madeena was already pretty much ahead. So we just went on with that and Kinza was only supplementary for us. I also use it has great resources for math, creative and critical thinking along with loads of worksheets for math. We couldnt do Mep 1 that you are using, my daughter was very confused with it and Edhelper was great for us. Ok sister, take care!


    • mashaAllah, so so happy to hear Madeena’s progress. Couldnt agree more with what Kinza advocates re teaching Islamic Studies as subject. And while I dont agree with intentional postponing of hifdh, I definately learned not to push or force a child under the age of 7-8 to do hifdh or any other subject matter. I cringe at the thought of all those days where I used to force my eldest do most things, if not force then maybe I pushed her too much. Astag’firullah… Trial and error, talking to mums much older than me, my growing family and just life experience taught me to be a little bit more relaxing and flexible. When I leave things to them with suggestions and encouragement, they actually learn so much more, show initiative and are getting more and more creative. A lot of our Qur’an hifdh is revision these days, both of their progress on new surah is so slow and we skip some days when they are not willing and I just dont want to end things in frustration for us all so dont force them. But, we make sure we listen to Qur’an daily. We keep reminding them that there 7 levels of Jannah and the more they do hifdh the higher of the chance them going to the higher level of jannah, that their hifdh will become noor on their face on the day of judgement, or it will be noor in the dark grave and ease the punishment of the grave etc. Also prophet saw said the best of you are those who learn the qur’an and teach it to others. So, we have to learn it ourselves if we want to teach it to others (Sumayya says she wants to be Qur’an teacher when she grows up) etc and inshaAllah we hope they will be more serious about memorizing past 7-8.


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