Around the house…


Did you grow up helping your parents to run the house? We did and though we might not have liked it at the time, I can see why it was so important to get us-the children involved in simple tasks of keeping the house together a nice place to live in. We did so much as a child simply because we had to. We had no washing-machine, no dish-washer, no hot water running straight from the tap…On top of these, we had massive courtyard where my dad grew plenty of vegetables and fruit trees that we had to attend to after school. How I hated to plant and dig potatoes then, how I hated to pick tomatoes or to wrap a paper around grapes to protect it from birds…SubhanAllah, there was always so much to do and we used to complain that “the work will never finish in Uzbek households” . Silly me, and how I long for all of those now, growing my own fruit and vegetables is something like a dream. We do plant odd things every now and then, only to show kids how things grow.

Anyway, I said it before somewhere that the more I homeschool the more I love it. I feel it provides my children a well-rounded education and gives them a chance to be involved with everything I do in and around the house. For example, the past week we did so much gardening together. Everyday, we did pruning, digging, weeding, watering the plants and just cleaning and tidying the garden. They help me so much around the house too. Even though Safiyya tires me so much with her endless questions and stubbornness, I actually enjoy getting them involved in cleaning, cooking, baking etc. I set them tasks which they love to finish. If I am about to hoover, they have to tidy up and polish. If I am about to cook, I ask Safiyya to fetch me things, i.e 2 potatoes, 3 carrots, rice, pasta etc. She is so good at these, honestly with her pre-school coming up on Friday, I wonder what I will do without her in the kitchen. She is the queen of kitchen and know exactly where I keep vegetables or certain dishes/plates in the kitchen.

I gave them a pack of green peas the other day and set a competition on who can clean it first. They love doing these for me


We bake 2-3 times a week. Each time they get to make their own little naan-breads and somsas ot biscuits whatever we are baking that day.



It is true that we have to provide them with responsibilities from young age. Let them see that everyone’s contribution is needed and appreciated around the house. All members of the family should value each other’s help. I feel they would have missed out on these little things had they been placed in school….wallahu A’alam


3 thoughts on “Around the house…

  1. Dilnoza Azamova says:

    Yes I remember never ending housework! Although there was no yard work but still there was a lot to do. Sweep the courtyard in the morning both in and out, sweep, mop the house, organize the drawers, wash and dry and iron the clothes, always cook fresh, care for younger siblings and go to school 6 days a week in addition to all the work. During this process not only did I learn how to take care of myself pretty early but most importantly I learnt time management. That each day, without any help of dishwashers or other machines we could accomplish so much in just one day. Alhamdullilah it really helped me now soo much after I had my own kids. There is so much we do each day, we cook together, clean together, every day they either go to a park or children’s museum or visit someone, go for bike riding, constantly cutting and pasting and coloring and we are also constantly cooking and baking, Madeena makes her own dumplings and so does Nasiba. But after all the fun takes place we always make sure we clean up and sometimes people get a wrong impression that I do not give freedom for girls to make a mess :)! Anyway thank you for sharing, I am a loyal follower of your blog :)


  2. I love this! This was a great reminder to include the kids in the household responsibilities.. I, too, love to garden and cook with my kids, but after reading your post I started thinking about other ‘chores’ like cleaning up or setting the table… I’ve always looked at it as help for me, but really, there is VALUE and learning in these tasks… Thanks, again, for the post and making me think!


    • You are welcome and indeed it is useful when we do things together for both. Simple conversations arouse during those moments and I feel most of the time kids really take in or learn things better this way…


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