Eid ul Fitr 2012


Alhamdulillah, we hosted the Eid party last Saturday (25 July 2012) for all those children who attended the Ramadan camp. We did some Ramadan and Eid related activities with the children, played  some party games (pass the parcel and pinyana- i am not sure if this is correct spelling lol) They received their Eid giftbags (with Islamic books, sticker sets and halal sweets etc). And of course we all shared a yummy meal. Alhamdulillah, a sister from Morocco did a reminder for all on maintaining the spirit of Ramadan, which I thought was really good. We displayed some of the things children made during the camp for revision with children but also for all moms to see.


We got both the girls some books for Eid and they received some gifts from some of their khalas. A friend gave them a two sets of stitching doll kits- two matrushka dolls (Russian) and two kokeshi dolls (Japanese). MashaAllah, they really enjoyed stitching and putting all the pieces together. And they gave away all to their friends except one. They love giving out gifts, especially 3 year old Safiyya.

This was one of the books Safiyya got this Eid. Easy to read, beautifully illustrated published by Islamic Foundation in the UK. I found some really good books by this publisher.

After reading the story, we decided to make a masjid cut and paste activity.

Safiyya’s masjid. She learned about mimbar, mihrab, minaret, dome and has labelled them.


She has also tried to write “I am going to the masjid” at the back of her paper.


Sumayya’s masjid craft work. Again, she has labelled all the masjid parts, drew a path from her house to the masjid and wrote “I am going to the masjid”

 This is one of the books Sumayya received on Eid and where she got the idea to make a gift for me for Eid ul Adha. Excellent story…


And they received an Eid gift from a dear sister here. They were so happy to receive the post. They won in the giveaway but we said to them they received it because they have tried to do lots of good deeds this Ramadan and mashaAllah did well with the help of Allah swt.


These are some other books we purchased sometime go. They are not necessarily Islamic but with stories with Muslim characters. Alhamdulillah, we had very fruitful discussions based on these stories and jazakAllah khayr to sister who recommended them to us. 





Ahamdulillah for another busy and beautiful week with so much going on. We had a talk on Islamic parenting with some sisters today and I am really going with semi-structured way of teaching things. InshaAllah, will share my thoughts and plans soon.




A bedroom wall decoration and the best gift for Eid ul Adha….


-Mommy, why are you praying now? It is not dhohr yet?
-I know, I missed fajr this morning and I am upset…..

There is this time in England, usually around May or so, where fajr falls really early and isha prayer is really late. This is when the incident and our conversation with Sumayya took place. Nearly a month after this, she was so busy “learning her deen”  and “increasing her faith” independently.

Anyway, it was in the last ten days of Ramadan. One day she came up to me and said,

-Mommy, I made a bedroom wall decoration for you. I have put it up on the wall in your bedroom. Please go and have a look.

I went and this is what I found stuck to the doors of the wardrobe. A piece of paper tied with a ribbon…


And it read “When you wake up always don’t miss a prayer inshaAllah. For every one in my family. InshaAllah you will not forget to pray in the morning Satan would do wee wee in your ear so.” LOL.


She has initiated writing Islamic stories, letters and reminders since the last ten days of Ramadan. Here she has made a pop-out book about a boy whose dad wanted to take him fishing but he wanted to go hunting instead…There was something in there about Eid ul Adha too


Story about Aisha “Once there was a girl. she was nice to everyone. her name was Aisha. She always thought inshaAllah she would go to Jannah. She made a lot of dua to got the highst levl of jannah. Allah except all of her dua cause she was gratefull as well. So Allah gave her the highst levl of jannah cause she said inshaAllah. So she said Alhamdulillah” in the end. This must be the story about herself. Every time I ask her to make dua she asks Allah to give her the highest level of Jannah as well as some other things. And I say to her we are never certain of things that will happen in the future. If we wish for something to happen we make dua and we say inshaAllah. Weather we get it or not we should always say Alhamdulillah and be grateful for what we have.


Ok, I finish with this. This was my early gift for Eid ul Adha, titled The best gift from Allah to mummy…. She didnt want to show me until Eid but I just had to see it.