Ramadan activities…


This is my belated post on how we did the Ramadan activity packs from wonderful sister Umm Maimoonah and Smart Ark. MashaAllah, there was such nice variety of activities, fiqh, maths, reading and writing- all nicely integrated into this workbooks. May Allah accept these as sadaqa jaariya from sisters amin.

In general terms, we talked a lot about increasing our good deeds in Ramadan. We have discussed what small children can do to earn rewards in this blessed month with this small book and used the Good Deeds Tree from the pack.





We did the maths activity and answered all the questions inside.




We learned about why we fast -the ayah from the Qur’an- and talked about who are the Muttaqun. We learned the fiqh of fasting- what is allowed and what is not allowed whilst fasting etc…


We learned the hadith on breaking the fast, learned so many things about dates and did the colouring pages inside activity packs. We have also made the cute gift boxes, put odd number of dates inside and gave out to neighbours. (no picture of boxes unfortunately). MashaAllah, Safiyya’s colouring is getting so neat…






Sumayya described the pictures and wrote a sentence about each completely on her own. She did her journal 100% on her own too- didn’t ask me any spelling questions mashaAllah. Sometimes I just can’t believe how good she is at spelling and constructing sentences etc without me teaching anything about grammar or spelling. One thing is sure- She absolutely LOVES books mashaAllah. So, this is what she wrote …


He is reading the Qur’an. She is having suhoor. He is praying salah. She is giving zakat. He is having an Eid party.



I said to her write the things you liked doing in Ramadan in your journal and she wrote “I like being kind to Ibrohim. Playing with Safiyya. Being kind to guests. Helping mummy for food. Fasting with daddy. Making dady a present. Playing nicely with Inaya. Going to iftaar when someone invites me. Giving a Eid present for friends. Feeding Ibrohim with some food. Sharing toys”

I took them to the library on Thursday and checked out 27 books. We came home around 7 pm and straight after she started reading and read till bedtime, which is around 9pm. The next morning she woke up and came straight downstairs and started reading without breakfast. She doesnt like to be disturbed when reading. Me and grandma were asking questions to test and see if we could distract her, asked her to have some breakfast first. She refused and read all 27 books till 11 am and then came up to me and said “I was not really reading. I was only looking at letters and watching the letters making words together. But those were so interesting stories, mommy. Have you read them all?” lol. MashaAllah, we continue focusing on Islamic studies and Qur’an for next year and inshaAllah hope she can do self-teaching all the other subjects with the love of reading.

I took out some Dr. Seuss books for Safiyya and mashaAllah she could almost finish reading one whole book by herself. She could read the entire book if she focuses but she is often distracted and seems to me not as much interested. She keeps looking at pictures and assumes the entire plot and tells me the story- her own version of story. I say to her, “why dont you read, Safiyya, you can read now. You are a big girl” and she reads one page and says to me “Now give me a sweet mommy I read a book to you” lol. InshaAllah, going to preschool 3 hours a day will help her to make some friends and gain some interest in academic skills…

Ibrahim is so much into books. He reads day and night, like his older sister. He always brings books to me, to grandma, to dad and looks through the pages pointing at pictures very clearly and talking away in his language. He gets all his messages across with hand motions- he is so good at explaining things with gesture and all sorts of sounds he makes. Generally speaking we find him very communicative and social. When we have big gatherings in our house, he goes and sits in someone lap and starts talking to them, always with a smile. MashaAllah. I just have to make a little bit of effort to do more with him inshaAllah.


3 thoughts on “Ramadan activities…

  1. Umm Sara says:

    Lol to Safiyya’s words mashaAllah : ) Sooner or later inshaAllah she will find her own interests and the rest will come along inshaAllah. Every child is different SubhanAllah.


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