Ramadan 2012 Week 1.


Alhamdulillah, Allah has enabled us to spend the first few days of Ramadan so productively.

We had the 1st day of Ramadan camp on Saturday the 21st July and there were about 20 kids, mashaAllah. The camp is running just on Saturdays now as we have a circle with some sisters on Sundays I cancelled the 2nd group. But, alhamdulillah, it keeps me busy as it is, I have to prepare activities and printouts for the whole day to keep 15 kids entertained. It gives my girls a chance to learn in a big group in a trusted environment, alhamdulillah.

This is just the summary of what the girls have been doing. We trying to read more Qur’an daily and I will start focusing more on Qur’an hifdh and Qur’an reading and learning the tafseer throughout this month. I will do a separate post on this later inshaAllah.

They have received this card making kit from Smart Ark as a gift on their Qur’an party. They were busy making Ramadan Mubarak cards for all their friends, used up all 18 cards, envelopes and stickers inside, mashaAllah.

On the first day we learned about moon phases and how it changes the months in the Islamic Calendar.

They made an Islamic Calendar and did some other activities from here. And we all revised the names of months in Islam, made Ramadan Calendar to hang on bedroom wall. In order to keep track of days and to know how many days left till Eid, they will colour in a day for each day of Ramadan. inshaAllah we will be making more things from Ramadan Bulletin Board

Sumayya is doing a copywork daily using ayah and ahadith related to Ramadan and fasting. She reads ayah/ahadith, we discuss the meaning and she writes her own copy underneath. MashaAllah it has helped her to learn few new words such as shield and Muttaqun.

I got this printed from here, it has 30 pages of copywork all around Ramadan and Fasting. MashaAllah it has been of great help to teach both about deen and get her practise her handwriting. JazakAllah khayr to sis Umm Ibrahim, may Allah accept her efforts as sadaqa jariya.

We have also got her Ramadan Memories journal printed from Jannah Steps. She did the following page. We talked about what was her favourite times during Ramadan and I asked her to draw a picture. She loves drawing pictures, she is so artistic for some reason (none in the family is lol). Since I explained the hadith on drawing images with eyes she draws Islamic pictures (with no eyes) lol.

She wrote this on her own: iftar, Ramadan camp, praying with mumy, reading Qur’an, fasting with dady.

Then she drew picture of us having iftar with closed eyes, mashaAllah.

Both Summayya and Safiyya like to express their feelings and emotions through pictures. I bought them some books with muslim characters based on sister’s reviews here. We read the story of Alia’s mission- Librarian from Basra…It is a story about a librarian who tries to save the books from Basra library during the war in Iraq. I had to explain to them a lot about the war in Iraq. Sumayya keeps asking them why non-muslims had all the weapons and guns (based on the illustrations) and why muslims didn’t have those weapons and guns. They keep asking me why muslims didn’t make dua so Allah would send angels to help them (like the battle of Badr) or make dua so Allah would send the wind or storm (like the battle of Trench). It has been a real challenge and a mission to answer these questions. Then they drew this picture on tissue paper and explained to me non-muslims came to invade a muslim city. But muslims were fighting back and Sumayya and Safiyya were there helping. The picture was really good.

Safiyya did the Ramadan colouring book from TJ Ramadan and I asked her to copy a word on each page.

You can see how she wrote her name from right to left as in Arabic on the cover here. She gets confused between Arabic and English, like many of her age I guess. Sumayya used to get confused until recently between Arabic and English when it comes which side to start writing. Some sample pages

Safiyya has also learnt how to spell the word Ramadan with this accordion book from Umm Abdul Basir. 

We are yet to print the activity packs from Smart Ark. InshaAllah we should be doing it soon. May Allah guide us all and give us tawfiq to do more good deeds during this month amin.


One thought on “Ramadan 2012 Week 1.

  1. Ramadan Mubarak!!!
    This is a very informative post. The only problem I had was trying to find the copywork. Did you have the link that went straight to the page.

    I pray that your daughter continues to have fun learning about Ramadan and that Allah accepts your fast. Amin.


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