Post party


Alhamdulillah, indeed all praise is due to Allah who has enabled us to organize a fabulous Qur’an party. And massive JazakAllah khayr to all sisters who helped me with cooking and cleaning. It was the best party we have hosted so far- everyone had so much fun. We had a bouncy castle on the day so kids had so much fun following their perfomance. We also played lots of party games with kids- they all loved it. Unfortunately, I didnt take any pictures on the day. These are some of the things we did on the day.

Qur’an posters- Children has a poster each hanging around their neck and one at a time came up the stage and told the audience what they have learnt about the Qur’an.

There were 9 kids who participated in the perfomance. Each coloured and decorated their own posters, then put two holes and tied a string at both sides to hold it around their necks.

Then they made this banner together. I got large piece of paper and wrote the words and they painted it.

They have also made the story of Nuh a.s poster as they were performing it on the day.

And a glimpse view from the stage. The picture is taken post party after I already took the banner and some other decoration items off the walls. But you can see the whole view of the poster of the story of Nuh a.s

For the performance, I told the story about a group of muslim boys and muslima girls who did lots of good deeds. And as I told the number of good deeds (learning Arabic language, praying salah, learning the Qur’an etc), they were performing the relevant nasheeds and actions at the background. Alhamdulillah it all went so nicely and everyone liked it so much : D

Also we asked 3 questions at the end: 1. What is the 1st surah in the Qur’an (the opening chapter)? And can you read it please? 2. What was the first ayah to be revealed and read it please? 3. What was the name of the angel who brought down the Qur’an to prophet Muhammad saw? And 3 girls won the prizes, mashaAllah.

And of course aunties got Sumayya and Safiyya lots of presents, including some really nice books and educational resources. May Allah reward them and accept their hasanah inshaAllah.

Abu Sumayya subscribed to Little Explorers magazine for the girls. We received the last 2 issues and alhamdulillah it is such a cool magazine for all little muslim/muslimah out there. I find it very engaging. Sumayya can read it all by herself but doesnt always want to do the activities inside. She was fascinated to find out that the size of Jebreel a.s would feel the space between heaven and earth and he alayhissalam had as many as 600 wings. She was asking me questions like “Mommy, would Jebreel a.s one wing fit into this room or bigger?”

Arabic. We have been reviewing vocab and books from Arabic come first. Sumayya can read them and tries to copywrite the sentences inside.

With Safiyya we do identifying the beginning and ending sound in Arabic words inside the books. For example, pointing to the word basal (onion) I ask her “what is the beginning sound in basal? write it down please”. She says “Baa” and writes it down. Another game we play is I shout out a word and she has to shout out the opposite. So, I say “naar” and she says “jannah”, I say “mushrik” she says “muslim” etc. Alhamdulillah, she is learning new words and though she is very lazy when it comes to handwriting, slowly slowly she is improving.

Sumayya finished her Scribe book and alhamdulillah has improved her Arabic handwriting. But, like Safiyya, she doesnt like or enjoy writing in Arabic so very often I almost have to force her so that she practices and doesnt forget.

Reading. Sumayya has been reading a lot of chapter books. We went to the library yesterday and took out so many lovely books. She has spent almost an entire day reading except where we did some baking and prayed dhohr together. I will soon do another post on reading and selecting chapter books for young readers. And I took many nice living books for Safiyya too, I thought she would be able to read them by herself as they are really easy. But she is too impatient to sit still and finish reading a whole book. She quickly looks through the pictures, reads odd words here and there and done. SubhanAllah, I hope and pray this will change with time.

Sumayya is learning how to use a dictionary these days. She reads texts well above her age and comes across lots of unknown vocab. She is always asking me what a certain word means and I always explain in great details with examples. I thought I would teach her how to use a dictionary, at least introduce her to dictionary so she can use it when I am not there. I gave her a text. She is familiar with the story but the text has been made a bit complicated. I asked her to underline all the words she doesnt know in the text which she did.

Then I gave her a children’s illustrated dictionary, I got it awhile ago in 2nd hand shop for some pennies. Explained that words come in alphabetical order and alhamdulillah she found a couple of word by herself and we looked up the rest together and discussed the meanings of those words she underlined.

Extra curricular activities. As usual, we get on with Qur’an hifdh, Qur’an reading and Arabic in the mornings. Then they get to watch something useful. Then we do short numeracy and literacy activities. We finish all our “formal” homeschool seesions between 10-12am daily. But, alhamdulillah do lots of informal learning on the go all day long. We did baking twice this week, one on Monday and another today. Alhamdulillah we all love baking together and it keeps them busy for ages. I enjoy discussing things with them whilst baking, asking them questions or telling them stories of when I was a child etc.

We have also been out and about to see friends these past few days. We went to see sis Rizwana on Monday afternoon. My husband took us all to the park on Tuesday. We went to see aunty Robina and the girls’ twin friends on Wednesday and went for a walk later in the afternoon. We went to visit another Uzbek family in this town yesterday. Every day they get out to visit someone and we have at least 1 visitor daily too. I honestly think they get to do a lot more socializing being at home.