Preparations on the way…


Tomorrow is a really big day for us. I mean it is big for the girls because it is their Qur’an party. And it is big for myself because I have never hosted a party for almost 90 people in my house, half of whom are children, of course. I am so thrilled and excited. We have been talking about it all past week and counting down the days. And alhamdulillah the day has come, well few more hours to go.

I am really excited because we have invited all our friends, most of whom are like our family. Friends of all backgrounds, of all ages, of all nationalities and of all professional fields will be here, inshaAllah. I really wanted to do pre and after post for our Qur’an party, to compare my excitement to my post-party reflections *smile*.

We have been preparing a lot of things for the day. We have made Qur’an posters, we have learnt children’s nasheeds to sing, we have painted a banner to hang for decoration that reads “Qur’an Party”, we blew balloons and wrote some messages on balloons “Welcome to the Qur’an party” “I love the Qur’an” etc; we have prepared the stage, got the microphone system to use for our perfomance and have been rehearsing. All this experience has taught kids so much more about the Qur’an. I can feel it- they already want to learn more and developing love and relationship with the book of God, alhamdulillah.

Among the other things I managed to hire a bouncy castle today, alhamdulillah. Sumayya and Safiyya were sat with me and they helped me to search the net, compare the prices and find a reasonable one, they chose one themed bouncy castle featuring sea and sea animals (called Under the Sea) and listened carefully when I was talking to hiring company on the phone. They thought I was buying one for them. So, when they heard people would come at 6 to collect it, they were a bit disappointed. But then accepted the fact quite happily, alhamdulillah.

I am going to have two stalls on the day. At one stall I will be show-casing what our girls have learned so far, examples of their works from all subjects we cover: numeracy, literacy, aqeedah, Arabic, Fiqh, Tafseer, Qur’an reading (tajweed) Prophets’ stories etc. Sometimes when I talk about homeschooling parents get really interested. And they ask me questions like what do you teach, what times etc. When I say I teach all the subjects above some will pose another set of questions “How can you teach fiqh, tafseer, aqeeda and tajweed to a 3 year old?” I thought show-casing the sample works of what we actually do would give everyone a better idea inshaAllah. In addition, it gives me a chance to celebrate the girls’ achievements, however small they might be, with sisters and friends, inshaAllah. InshaAllah it serves our girls right, to acknowledge and recognize their hard work in presence of their aunties might boost their confidence and motivate them to fall in love with learning even more.

Second stall hosts information about homeschooling. I have some books, brochures, leaflets about our Raising Sahabas Ramadan camp and Islamic Parenting circles, links to online resources about homeschooling etc. I have managed to recruit some mothers who are willing to join our local homeschool club lol. They are always asking me for more information and how to deal with council etc. So, I thought I will use this event as a dawah opportunity about considering homeschooling for all stay-at-home moms as an option, look into it, do research and make a decision that will help to determine their child’s future inshaAllah, in a way that is pleasing to Allah swt.

Oh, I am going to see some friends that I haven’t seen in donkey’s years. Why, only today I was sat thinking where to start my cleaning and my friend Shazia turned up at the door with her two boys. MashaAllah. And I had been thinking about her all past few days, I even wanted to tell my all other friends about her. That is how the story begins…. At Being Me conference last Sunday the sheikh was speaking about the company of righteous friends. One sign is that when you see them they remind you of Allah swt. And I remembered Shazia then. She always reminded me of Allah swt chiefly due to one main factor. She never ever allowed back-biting to happen in her presence. Everyone who has met her knows this, because of this, none would dare to speak harshly or ill of others, even in a joking way, when she is around. She would immediately cut off the conversation, cough and simply say “Shall we talk about something else?” SubhanAllah, I remembered this quality about her and I really wanted to mention her at the party. How I cried so badly at her wedding because she was planning to move…. That which she did, she moved to Pakistan after marriage and happily settled there. She comes to visit her family every now and then. And as I sat thinking about her, she just turned up at my door, subhanAllah. She has never been to our new house so I took her around and we sat down having tea. Alhamdulillah, they will be coming tomorrow. I was so happy.

And many other friends whom I have known ever since I arrived in the UK, friends from university, friends I shared a house as a single and friends I got to know as a mother- from playgroups, from local playgrounds, from swimming and from libraries. Friends I got to know recently and friends I have never met lol. It is true, a lady called me when I was gardening on Monday. She said she had a 2,5 year old girl and was really interested in homeschooling. She wanted to meet me and come to our Islamic playgroups I am planning to organize on Wednesdays. I invited her to the party and suggested maybe we can meet and talk then. She happily accepted the offer, mashaAllah. I have never seen this sister, she is from another town. And our neighbour who is kindly letting us borrow her microphone system said her friends from London- 4 ladies and 2 kids- will be coming to stay the weekend over at her house so she can not come to the party. I was like “No, you can not miss the party. Bring your friends over. The more the better” lol. Anyways, there will be some sisters I have never met. I have never met my friend Mariam’s 2 nieces and a 5 year old nephew either. The last time I saw Mariam was last Ramadan when we did iftaar at our house. I cant wait to see them all.

Anyway, I think it will be one good experience for us all. It is a day to enjoy and to be remembered for many years to come, inshaAllah. It is a get to know each other with some friends and a get together reunion with some others, and sleepover with my dear Uzbeks after everyone is gone. All in all we are expecting around 90 people and inshaAllah the weather has to stay nice.

May Allah bless this day for us and plant the seeds of love of the Qur’an in our hearts and in our children’s hearts. May Allah swt accept this day as something that is pleasing to Him

ps: Btw, there will be 3 prizes to be won by children at the party. I will be asking some questions about the Qur’an inshaAllah and the prizes will go to children who have the right answer. So, come prepared inshaAllah


5 thoughts on “Preparations on the way…

  1. Dilorom says:

    G’ayratizga qo’yil, mashallah, bizlarga ham sizdan yuqsin. Shunaqa oilalar bilan yaqin yashaganlar, rosa omadli bo’lsa kerak.


  2. Safiyyah says:

    asalamu’alaikum, i like your blog but the title is kind of…i don’t know not right. No one can be compared to being a “sahaba” and none of us can raise a person to be one as none of us can be companions of the prophet. The sahaba were praised by Allaah azza wa jal in the Qur’an so to write “Raising Sahabas” as a title is not appropriate. They were the best of generations and none of us can be like them, even if we tried our hardest. But all in all, this blog is nice, though I think the title should be changed.


    • Wa alaykum assalam sis,
      JazakAllah khayr for your concern. I disagree with you and have completely different view. None of us can be a companion of the prophet s.a.w but can try to raise children who will be become like them one day inshaAllah, at least in some of their manners and actions. At least strive on that path inshaAllah.


  3. Munisa says:

    Mashaallah, seems to be a wonderful party, i wish i lived close, and visit you with my children…G’ayratizga qoyil, Alloh rozi bo’sin, ehsoniz qabul bo’sin! Inshaalloh, shuncha mehnatlarizi rohatini farzandlarizda ko’ring. Bolachalarni ozgina mini clip qilib videolarga oling, facebookkayam joyleng, bizam ko’reli. Rasmlargayam oling, rosa qiziqtirvordiz meniyam. 90 kishiga uyizda joy bormi?? :) yahshi o’tkazvoling.


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