Ibrahim took his 1st steps


This post is about our boy. Alhamdulillah, Ibrahim started walking at just 10 months. He took his 1st steps a couple of weeks ago and now is officially walking. We are yet to buy a proper pair of shoes for him. Poor boy is borrowing Safiyya’s first pair of shoes (they dont get worn much right he-he ). He seems to borrow most things of his sisters, well we just say it doesnt really matter at this age lol. But, to tell the truth, we often don’t have time to take him to shops. Anyway, a visit to Clarks is long overdue inshaAllah.

He is so active physically, always on the move, mashaAllah. If he is not crawling, then walking, if not walking then ,climbing up and down the stairs. He does have very unique tricks that he loves to perform for us, mashaAllah. I need to record them sometime, inshaAllah.

Although everyone keeps saying he is big and healthy, he often has cold, subhanAllah. Coughs, runny nose and the past few days odd temperatures through the night etc, may Allah give him shifaa’ and make his illness the means of purification for us.

He went to his check up this week. He has 8 teeth, eats well, plays well, physically very active and weighed 13,5 kgs. Big boy, mashaAllah. He likes listening to some nursery rhymes on youtube, listening to surahs on our digital Qur’an, reading all sorts of books. He can use his index finger so well, he uses it for anything and everything. He makes a hook with his index finger and tries to grab things from under the table or sofa. He tries to open the door with that one finger. He turns the pages over with that hook style index finger.

He does say few words in our language, namely dad, grandma and grandad- maybe because these are easy to pronounce. He is learning the animal sounds and names of animals. He is also learning how to name his body parts. We ask him typical questions like “What does cow say?” or “Where is your ear? Show me your mouse?”. MashaAllah, he is doing so well on these.

We sing plenty of nursery rhymes with him. He likes Wind the Bobbin up best, also Apple Apple a a a and Once I caught the fish Alive. We watch both those on youtube, the ones by Barbara Milne. He gets real excited and copies the actions and tries to join in when it is playing. He seems to differentiate really well between sounds. He likes repeating after me too, he doesnt get the words right but he mimics my facial expression and says something in baby language in the same manner and tone. It is actually quite funny, Alhamdulillah.

We will continue in the same manner with him, listening to Qur’an daily, singing nursery rhymes, watching educational clips on youtube (the ones that help to learn phonics, numbers, shapes and colours for now), reading books and playing games. He is physically very very active anyway, so apart from taking him outdoors, parks, playgrounds as and when we can- I dont have to push him that much.

Oh, he started going to local playgroup on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I also plan to take him to the library on Thursdays with his sisters. Sisters are often kind to her but sometimes can be a bit mean. That often happens when I am cuddling him or playing with him, they will be like “Oh you dont cuddle us that way” or “Mommy why dont you ever play that game with us?” etc. SubhanAllah, they can be a bit jealous even if the gap between them and Ibrahim is so wide.

InshaAllah when he is a little older he can join his sisters. I am planning to do some painting and arts/crafts with him as well. InshaAllah, may Allah make him healthy and among the pious of this ummah, amin.

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