Outdoors and feeding birds


Staying true to my plans, I took them to Lister Park 3 times last week. Each time we spent around 2 hours walking, bug-hunting, climbing trees, observing flowers, collecting acorns and leaves for Sumayya’s nature projects and finally, of course, playing in the playground. Alhamdulillah we live so close to this awesome park. One day I even took them to the Cartwright Hall Gallery- there was a gallery about 19th century English countryside with collection of people’s clothes, household items such as washboard, iron, rocking chair etc, and the exhibition of countryside pictures by some artists. It was really good and so interesting. I always loved history and especially like and try to learn more about the Victorian England. So, it was really interesting. They even made little displays of little towns such as Idle (not far from us) which used to be proper countryside back then.

Anyway, kids all love being outdoors, regardless of the weather. Sumayya can easily walk for a few hours without ever complaining. She likes climbing and is so confident in all her physical activities. She even jumped from the top of the tree once- which nearly gave me a heart attack lol. MashaAllah, she is so good. Safiyya, on the other hand, not very creative outside. She doesn’t have ideas about what to do and what to collect and what to make in nature. She is very creative inside, always cutting and glueing or even socially she is not reserved like her elder sister. She likes making conversations with people. But, I think we havent tried enough to develop her physically. She doesnt like climbing because she is always scared. She walks long hours with breaks in between. She often likes holding my hand and walk together instead of going off to explore things independently. I have to push her to get to the top of swing etc. Anyway, a friend offered to have Sumayya on Thursdays to teach her Maths and I think we are going to spend more one-one time with Safiyya to get on with her reading and gymnastics inshaAllah.

Apart from that, we have been exploring things in our garden. I mentioned before that Sumayya is so crazy about birds. She loves them so much, she always watches them from the kitchen window. As we have lots of different kinds of trees in the garden and the kitchen being high, we can easily see their nests and when we sit down for breakfast we all watch birds flying in and out of their nests. And Sumayya keeps making assumptions and stories about bird families. “I think this one is a mommy bird”, “She has just gone out for water”, “I think they are looking for a worm but cant find one and that’s why twittering very loud” etc.

So, today we went out to feed the birds in our garden. There were 4 bird feeding stations in our garden. I thought there were only two initially and I led kids to the 1st I knew. But then Sumayya found two other feeder stations- obviously kids have been spending a lot more time in the garden lol. Anyway, we didn’t have proper bird food but we had old breads. Kids made bread crumbs from old bread and we filled up the bird feeders. Alhamdulillah, they really enjoyed it. Sumayya kept saying “We are being kind to our birds and they will say JazakAllah khayr to us. But we dont understand their language. Only Allah and Sulayman alayhissalam know what they are saying”. She really wanted to hold a bird in her hand- this is her one time dream. Even when she was a lot younger she wanted to hold birds, feed them by hands etc. So, she was waiting for ages to see if birds will come down and land on her hand. But they don’t obviously, subhanAllah she was a little sad about it.

And we have a dish where our birds drink water from.



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