Summary week ending 29 April 2012


I have been thinking a lot about how to get children in their cooperative mood be it cleaning or tidying the rooms or do our homeschool session. I have been reflecting and reviewing  and inshaAllah want to restart the things that we missed the past few weeks- I will add them to our plans for next week.

First, we have not been going for swimming for almost 2 months now and the girls keep asking me all the time. InshaAllah I am planning to take them again from next week.

Second, we have not been to library for more than a month. Again we used to go on Saturdays but ever since we moved we have been having visitors over at our new place every single weekend. Our local library is open till 7pm on Thursdays too and now I am planning to take them to the library every Thursday afternoon where they can do some arts+crafts and we can read books as well as taking new books for them to read at home.

Third, due to move and due to weather they have not been able to spend that much time outside. I really miss going for longer nature walks myself and I think the girls are getting bored too. I am planning to take them to playground at local park at least once a week and go for local walks. MashaAllah we have little woods nearby where we can walk.

Apart from these, I have been thinking of doing more practical things to instil the love of learning more in children. Teaching or improving life skills such as swimming, jogging, cooking, tidying etc as well as doing more arts+crafts for numeracy and literacy inshaAllah.

We do Qur’an hifdh, Qur’an reading and Arabic almost daily. I have been doing more numeracy with Sumayya. I have started using Math textbook used for Grade 2 at schools back home. Some bits she finds easy and some bits she finds it very challenging (book is aimed at 8 year old children). All in all, I think it is really good and a lot more challenging than any math workbook or textbook I have seen aimed at 8 year olds in the UK. But I think we will stop it for awhile now and do a lot more math manipulative activities to revise the math concepts presented in MEP Year 1.

Sumayya finished Juzu Amma and improving her reading. What I like best about her is that she is so well trained and understands things when explained. If she is feeling lazy I can explain to her that reading Qur’an would help us to get to Jannah easily. And she co-operates well and does what she is told to do easily and quickly. Alhamdulillah.

Safiyya is learning surah Qariah and we are still struggling to get her on co-operative mood. I had been using my phone the past week- I record her reading the surahs she revises daily and play it back to her. When she sees I am recording she sits still and reads them nicely and as soon as she finishes one surah she keeps asking me “Can I watch it mommy please?” I say “No, few more surahs and I will let you watch it at the end”. She keeps asking me and she keeps getting distracted and doesnt seem to sit and repeat after me without getting herself into trouble every time. May Allah give me patience with this one…. : P

We have done the tafseer of surah Falaq this week. We talked that we all get scared of dark sometimes and if we recite surah Falaq then we will be under Allah’s protection. Alhamdulillah they regularly read surah Falaq, Ikhlas, Naas before bed time and they finish off by making a long dua. I love listening to their duas every day mashaAllah.

Following 3 weeks non-stop rain we had really nice weather yesterday. But back to rain today subhanAllah. Anyway, yesterday they had a nice time painting in the garden. Our garden is levelled- it has 3 levels and they were sponge painting initially but got their paintbrushes out after little while and spent nearly an hour painting.

Alhamdulillah another week is gone. My plan now is to do lots of practical, hands-on activities that allow Ibrahim to join in as well as making it more fun and engaging for Safiyya. Do Qur’an hifdh, Qur’an reading and Arabic language minimum a day and literacy+numeracy constructively every other day. Otherwise they are always doing informal literacy and numeracy learning on the go. Sumayya did lots of math the past few weeks but we need to do something to improve her handwriting skills and spelling.

Safiyya has learnt all the phonics and numbers up to 20. She can easily identify beginning/ending sound in any given word. She can read short words if she concentrates well but she is just too lazy to focus and quick to read by pictures only. The same with additions- when she decides to focus she does them really well but she just shouts out any random number without even thinking most of the time. But, alhamdulillah, she is only 3.5 years old and I think she has picked up a lot. She needs more one-one time which I havent been able to give her subhanAllah. She has been enjoying doing the phonics related puzzles lately

Next Steps in terms of extra-curricular activities :

Wednesdays: Nature walks alternate between Chellow Dene, Lister Park and Heaton woods inshaAllah.

Thursdays: Go to playgroup in the mornings and visit library late afternoons.

Fridays: Gardening (we have so much gardening to do but done nothing due to bad weather)

Saturdays: Swimming

May Allah give us patience and tawfeeq to do things just for His sake.