Summary week ending 22nd April 2012


Alhamdulillah we have settled in the new house well although at times I find the  size of it a bit overwhelming. Alhamdulillah though…

The girls have been learning fine , alhamdulillah. Sumayya is really thriving. She has finished her Ahsanul Qawaid book to help her how to read the Qur’an and every day she chooses one page to revise. We have to keep revising how to read, a page a day, otherwise children will forget the rules very quickly. She has been reading longer phrases from Qur’an such as below fluently. Sometimes she gets stuck with certain rules and I help her out. Usually she listens to a new surah a few times and she can read it from mushaf very fluently. We have also done the surah Falaq workbook from um an Numan.











Aqeeda. We have been reading books and discussing things in general. This week on Saturday’s class we did Allah Gave me a Healthy Body book from um An Numan and mashaAllah it was good to go over it with my girls again and other children embraced it enthusiastically.

Tafseer. We did tafseer of surah Ikhlas and children learnt that Allah has no family; He has no children and will never have; Allah is Self-Sufficient which I explained that we all need Allah but Allah doesnt need anyone’s help; children interpreted it “Allah is so brave, the most brave and therefore can live by Himself. Allah doesnt need help but He looks after us”

Arabic. We read from their books, revise the vocab they have been learning at school, practise handwriting and they get to watch the stories of the prophets in Arabic language which I think really helps with their listening comprehension. Safiyya has learned a lot of new vocab the past 2 weeks, she has learned the body parts, names of animals, colours and shapes etc. And she has been practising to write the Arabic letters  and some short words independently. Her writing mama- mom and baba- dad in Arabic. And the letters Jim, Wow, Taa (on the right) and in the middle Sumayya’s copywork from Scribe which she has nearly finished mashaAllah.












Math. Sumayya has finished MEP Year 1 math exercise book mashaAllah. She is getting really better at equations. She solves addition problems really quick and easily. She sometimes gets stuck with some substractions. But alhamdulillah finally got the concept of “how many” more lol. i.e you have 7 pencils and how many more you need to make it 10. There were lots of fill in the missing numbers i.e 2+x=5 or 2-x=2 kind of addition and substraction problems towards the end which she could solve on her own, alhamdulillah.

Safiyya uses a lot of math manipulatives. It is hard to get her sit still and do a math workbook, she finished one easily and used to love it as it had lots of stickers inside. But since we moved it is getting for me even harder to get Safiyya on her co-operative mood. She does learn but she is very active child. She develops a sense of herself from her actions and from results of her actions. I am trying to figure out to invite her to do something with action every time- she seems to participate  and learn better that way. She likes threading, playing with coloured sticks, flashcards, legos and blocks etc. So, I guess any learning has to involve her to be doing something fidgety with her hands. She might be doing Qur’an revision in the mornings but unlike Sumayya (who prefers to sit still and get it over and done nicely and quickly) she will be playing with pom-poms or cutting a piece of paper or looking through flashcards and making some comments every now and then. Anyway, she is always counting with stones, marbles, sticks, doing repeating patterns, making shapes, drawing and cutting out pictures etc. She like doing practical things mashaAllah and I will have to adjust to her learning style.

When we moved we rearranged lots of our homeschool materials and we got to revise most of our Islamic bulletin boards, alhamdulillah.












We have been reading a lot of books as usual. This is their cosy reading corner and couple of examples of living books. I have been meaning to upgrade the living books section but I think it will have to be a little at a time. So, these two are really good example of living books and I would highly recommend to beginner readers. The Mole and The Baby Bird by Marjorie Newman and Carrot Soup by John Segal.