Sumayya’s letters


I have mentioned before that my 5 year old is always writing letters to her aunties and friends. The only problem is the pen pals at the receiving end dont always post a reply to her- poor thing keeps asking me when she is getting reply letters back. SubhanAllah, everyone is so busy and so entangled in their own lives and one can hardly make time to go out to post office to post a letter. I have a bunch to post and I have not been able to post to people.

Anyway, before I finally send them off I decided to post a few here.

Last Friday we have invited all the sisters and family friends we know over to our new place. Alhamdulillah there were so many people of all nationalities and backgrounds gathered for dinner at our house. Obviously a lot of them have children around Sumayya and Safiyya’s age, a bit older and a bit younger etc. So most of their friends were here. Sumayya noticed the next day that her friend Sarah didnt turn up.

-But you said you had invited them as well, mommy
-I did but they were on holiday in Europe so couldnt come
-But I miss Sarah all the time
-I know we will invite them again when they are back from holiday

She then sat down and wrote a letter to Sarah and asked me to post it the very same day. I havent been able to do so. So, Amina, if you are reading this please know that we miss Sarah and would be very happy if you could pop over sometime inshaAllah. It says “Sarah please come to my house. I have been looking for you. Love from Sumayya”

One day she was talking about visiting aunty Nargiza in London.
-Mommy, remember we stayed over at aunty Nargiza’s house in London
-Which aunty Nargiza? Omar and Yusuf’s mom?
-No we went there but we never slept in their house. It was a different Nargiza. She didnt have boys, she only had girls
-Oh you mean aunty Nargiza who came to sumalak party. She has no children she is not married. You saw here when we went to Eid party to Hafiza’s house as well, right?
-No, different Nargiza. She has children, she has two girls, Maryam and Aliya
-Ah, I remember now. How could you remember you were so small then
-I know but I still remember we all slept in their house
So, she sat down and wrote a letter to aunty Nargiza whom she had only seen when she was about 2-3 years old. It says in Uzbek “Aunty Nargiza, I have been to your house once. Let me go to your house again. (then in the box in the right hand side) Please come to my house” . She then decorated her letter.

Another one to myself which says “I love mummy”

Another one to myself. I was trying to have a Quran revision session with her and she kept refusing. After a couple of days of missed sessions she was not as fluent as she was before in her reading. MashaAllah she can now read the Qur’an and almost finished memorizing Juzu Amma. Anyway, I was upset that she had forgot how to read some surahs that she was easily reading before. She was upset too. She went to her room and came back with the following letter which says “Mummy I am sad I was crayying in my room I forgot the Quran. Please teach me the Qur’an”. She was crying so badly but even then she decided to decorate her letter for me lol.

This letter to her friend Rowda, our 6 year old Arab next door neighbour at the old house. The girls both are missing their friends and our neighbours but still dont want to move back. The letter says “I love you Rowda. I am kind to you. Please come to my house”

This one was to aunty Guzal. They were expecting her the other weekend when we had lots of Uzbek families over and when I told them aunty Guzal is not coming they were a bit sad. Anyway, every time Sumayya writes to Guzal she decides to make a purse for her. I cant remember the full story but when we went to visit them last summer I might have said something along the lines “Khala Guzal is rich and has more money” I cant remember why I said it but I might have been trying to explain something. Guzal do you remember anything and why she keeps making purse for you one after another? And always from a tissue paper and the incorrect spelling of “kashlug”, Russian word for a purse lol


Sumayya really misses her friend Hafiza. Even though she has plenty of English speaking friends, when Uzbek families get together and Hafiza is not there she keeps asking me if they will be coming or not. I say no because they live too far now. The other day we were looking at some old pictures and we were talking about place we went etc. She kept asking me and her daddy to print some old pictures of her and Hafiza for nearly half a day. Then when I did so she quickly wrote a letter with cutting and pasting the picture to the top of her letter.

Then she was in the process of writing a letter to Hanifa. Below is Safiyya’s not finished letter to Hamza and Sumayya’s not finished letter to Hanifa. Safiyya can write names of people mashaAllah. She can write anything when I spell them out but she is a bit lazy and leaves things half way through. (Sumayya was writing another letter to Hamza as well, all morning she kept busy with paints- she had decided to paint some pictures for Hamza.)

These are some of the letters they have been writing. They keep writing daily. Now I have a new idea in mind to practise their handwriting and spelling inshaAllah and will share it in due time.


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    • konvertga joylab adreslarni ham yozib tayyarlab qoyganmizu shu kochaga chiqqanda esimizdan chiqib qolyaptida post officega kirish. sumkamda yuraverib ezilib ketmasa buldi endi bu hatlar


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