Best Foundation Summary weeks 12 March- 18 March


I dont know how to name these posts, wallahi I struggle lol. It is the summary of what we have been doing the past week/weeks so decided the best way to go would be just putting the dates in.

Qur’an reading

We did Surah Kafirun from Um an Numan. MashaAllah girls did so well all the activities inside. It is a bit easy for Sumayya but perfect for Safiyya’s level.


Arabic Handwriting

Sumayya is doing a page a day from her Scribe book as well as independently writing/copywriting words from her Arabic books. Safiyya mashaAllah independently writing all the letters of the Arabic alphabet.


Arabic Reading

We have started using My First 100 Words from the Qur’an book. Kids read words in Arabic, copywrite them and talk about the meaning. They get to colour the pictures for each word. We were talking about how Allah created the earth and human beings; how some people have ears but they cant listen to; they might have eyes but they cant see; but for those who use their ears and eyes well and lived as Allah ordered them to live- there will be nice armchairs with soft cushions in Jannah etc. We are revising Ahsanul Qawaid. We read lessons 16-17 with Sumayya and lessons 4-5 with Safiyya. Alhamdulillah Safiyya just started reading the words with fatha.



Safiyya finished her Math workbook from Autumn Learning Books. MashaAllah she can count 0-50, write numbers 0-20 and is doing simple addition problems. Sumayya is progressing on MEP Year 1. We are practising counting by 2’s with both girls.


Prophets’ stories

Sumayya read the story of Musa a.s. We did all the worksheets inside and talked/discussed the content in greater depth. Then I gave kids a paper and asked them to make snakes. They made one long chain-style snake by cutting and sticking paper strips. Then they drew and cut out lots of smaller snakes and were role-playing how big snake ate all smaller snakes using their crafts. MashaAllah good way of getting them narrating the story.


MashAllah they are both so so creative. Sumayya is always drawing and describing her pictures to us in such great detal. Below she drew mommy, Sumayya, Safiyya and Ibrahim in Jannah. Apparently we were all by the lake and I was trying to get some water. There were green pebbles and she even wrote PRINCES MAMA for me lol. Then again she drew the whole family- mommy, daddy, Sumayya, Safiyya and baby Ibrahim in car seat. Me and daddy had crowns on our heads given by Allah swt because we have been good. Alhamdulillah.

We have also been spending a great deal of time outdoors, thanks to recent nice weather. They are always collecting stones, sticks, feathers etc to make something out of them when they get back home and mashaAllah they do. Sumayya has nicely washed one feather and decided to use it as a pen. She keeps asking me for ink and she wants to put her feather in ink and write with it. I dont know where to get such ink


Safiyya is N1 creative artist in the household. She never lets me put anything in the bin (recycling bin) be it food packaging or plastic bottles and bags. She is always waiting for me to use one of the packaging things so that she could have the box etc. She was asking me to use the lasagne sheets so that she can have the empty box. I gave her the empty box, she covered it with white paper; drew animals on one side and people on the other side of box and said it was Nuh a.s ship.

These two are ship as well and she has different stories to go with both. Her stories are never ending, she keeps going on and on making new sequence in a story


Aqeedah and Seerah

We have been learning more on Good/Bad Deeds and Jannah. InshaAllah I will try to reinforce the positivity to encourage the love of Allah, the love of Qur’an, the love of Jannah so they fall in love with being good and doing good deeds in order to get to Jannah.

We are still learning about prophet Muhammad saw’s family; who was who in the family; good and bad uncles etc. They have done one more coloring page from Easel and Ink


MashaAllah their interest in Russian language is increasing day by day. The past 2-3 days we have been reading the famous children’s book Buratino by A. Tolstoy. It was my favourite as a kid and I read and translated it to the girls at bed time a couple of days ago. Since then Sumayya pretends to be reading it, spending about 30-40 mins with her big Buratino book in her bedroom. She doesnt like being interrupted when she is not a confident reader. She could read 3-4 words in the book. She could read all these words; Buratino, papa (father), lisa (fox), kot (cat). And she started talking a little phrases here and there. Safiyya was trying to cut a large cardboard and Sumayya said ostorojna- be careful; just so randomly and so casually lol. I was surprised and amazed. InshaAllah with a bit of push she will pick it up very quick, she is literally teaching herself how to read in Russian. All I do so far is read books and let her watch the cartoons made based on the books we read.

So we read this book and we watched the cartoon here and I am trying to speak a little Russian every day for simple phrases such as: sit down, stand up, come here, eat, wash your hands etc.



One thought on “Best Foundation Summary weeks 12 March- 18 March

  1. mariam mounir says:

    Allahumabarej very impressive , could you share with us the resources you use with your kids specially for aqidah and serraah


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