Awesome conversations


This is just for me to remember things my kids say. I want to remember and cherish these memories inshaAllah.

My next door neighbour is pregnant at the moment. One day girls wanted to go and play with their next door friends. I said no because Rawda’s mommy is feeling poorly. Sumayya asked me why she was feeling poorly.

-Because she has a baby in her tummy. And when Allah gives someone a baby in the tummy they feel a little sick at times
-Oh she made dua to Allah asking for a baby?
-Yes, she did
-Do you know mommy if the baby is a girl or a boy
-No, I dont know. Allah knows
-Do babies sleep in mommy’s tummy all the time? or sometimes they keep awake?
-They sleep sometimes and they keep awake some other times
-I know Ibrahim used to kick you before he came out.
Sometimes she keeps making dua asking for a baby.  And she explains her grandma how babies come out

-You know grandma, if you want to have a baby, first, you need to make lots of dua to Allah swt. Then Allah creates baby in your tummy. First, it is very small then mommy’s tummy gets bigger. Then one day baby wants to get out, so the father takes mommy to hospital. Then in hospital there is this red button and when you press the red button the baby comes out.

(We laughed so much at her instructions. She could clearly remember the day when they all came to see me after I had Ibrahim. She pressed the red button by accident then and I told her only mommies who give birth press that button to ask for help etc)

And grandma is always telling her endless stories of Uzbekistan and how one day we all go back home. One day I said

-Sumayya, you and Safiyya might have to stay here to study at university when we all go back.
-No, mommy. Daddy has to stay with us. You and grandma and Ibrahim can go
-Why? (I was so surprised since she is usually clingy to me more than her father) 
-What if Allah gives me a baby when I am studying at university like you? Who takes me to hospital then? So, daddy has to stay with us in case I have baby he can take me to hospital in his car (LOL)

There were a couple of day when I was feeling impatient last week. I kept shouting at Safiyya.  SubhanAllah very often anger takes me by surprise and one shouting leads to another. As soon as I start raising my voice, it just seems to get louder and louder without me even realizing it. So I end up losing control of the situation and afterwards keep thinking I could have sorted this out with just one hug or gulping my anger etc. So one day I was telling Safiyya off (can’t remember the reason) and Safiyya goes

-Now mommy, what did the prophet say? He said Do Not Shout at little children (stressing every word she possibly could). I am upset now, you are a naughty mama
-And prophet saw also said you should listen to your mommy and daddy (she cuts me off quickly)
-No, he didn’t say that. Allah said that. But the prophet said dont shout at your children. You listened to your shaytaan and made me upset (she says all these so quickly so that I dont interrupt her)
-Safiyya, how about me? you are making me upset as well. When you dont listen to me I get upset and when I am upset I get angry. And if I get angry then I shout
Sumayya interrupts me quickly
-No, you shouldnt shout. Even if you are angry with her you should speak to her nicely. She is only three. That’s why you only speak nicely to her
-But when I do so, she still doesnt listen. She only listens to me when I shout
-No, you only spoke to her nicely once. You should speak to her nicely many times. Ask her once, twice, three times and count till twenty and ask her again. Like this mommy (and Sumayya was demonstrating how I should explain things to Safiyya. We were amazed at her new technique. So, if I give instructions or discipline their misbehaviour I should explain things 20 times and I should count how many times I have said it lol)

Sometimes they fight over silly things. Sometimes they are a little mean to each other. But overall, I would say most of the time they are very kind to each other, mashAllah. Since full time homeschooling they spend a lot of time playing together. They are always together, eating, homeschooling, listening to Qur’an, learning, reading books, playing with teddies, playing with legos and blocks, playing in the garden. SubhanAllah I cant imagine one without another. They are like twins but with totally different personality. They are not like each other by nature.

Though Safiyya is so small and academically a lot behind her sister, she is so clever and manipulative when it comes to play. For example if Sumayya doesnt give her something, she says “Sumayya, give it to me. Share, if you share Allah gives you more” so Sumayya shares whatever it is. But if Sumayya wants something of Safiyya and asks in the same manner “Safiyya, share please. If you give it to me, Allah will give you more”. And Safiyya goes “But I dont want no more now. When I want more then I will give you, ok”.

One day Sumayya’s friends came over and I overheard their conversation about Jannah. Actually Sumayya drew a picture of me in Jannah (will share this pic later on inshaAllah) and explaining her picture to friends:

-You know grandmas become young again when they enter Jannah. It is very big park and you can have anything you want there. When you want something it will already be next to you when you look next to you (smile)

Some random question they ask me

-Mommy, are all the animals in the world Muslim?
-Mommy how young do people become in Jannah? Do they become like me 5 (her age) or do they become like you or daddy’s age? what age they become in Jannah?
-Will there be animals in Jannah?
-Will there be ambulances in Jahannam?
-How do we see Allah in Jannah?
-What if we cant speak Arabic and we dont understand anything in Jannah?