A letter to grandma


Thanks to Skype, we have been enjoying talking to my brother and sister recently. They didnt have laptop+internet before  so it was the first time the girls got to see their aunty and uncle. They are getting to know her cousins too. Maybe these might have encouraged them to be a bit more talkative to their grandparents on the phone. Usually they dont like speaking to my mum and dad on the phone. My mom and dad dont have either laptop or an internet connection yet but inshaAllah we will get a chance to see them through skype when they visit my brother in the capital soon.

Anyway, the bottom of the matter is, Sumayya is so keen on writing letters on MS word.  She wrote a letter to my mom.

She drew herself, Safiyya and Ibrohim on the picture. And she has asked her grandma to bring some cats and chicks when she comes over inshaAllah.

She has been using MS Word for 3-4 months and can type words, can insert shapes and choose colours for her shapes and choose borders/lines for decoration. First we let her do work on MS Word but now we limit it to a great extent as both myself and hubby fear that it might overtake her handwriting. At this point she needs lots of practise with her handwriting. As kids grow older, naturally they get more curious about all the technology out there so inshaAllah will have plenty of chance to explore. But, as much as we can, we should try to limit the use of technology at this early years. That is what we have decided.

And for her English handwriting, I am letting her do copywork. InshaAllah when she is better I ask her to do written narration for composition.





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