Educational Arabic cartoons


As I have explained in my previous posts, when teaching a second or third language to children, we should aid their listening skills first to get their ears used to various different sounds in a particular language. Children will pick up vocabulary from context as well.

I will let children watch educational cartoons for 30 mins after our daily Qur’an hifdh sessions in the mornings. It is like a reward for them mashaAllah and they really enjoy watching even if their Arabic is limited at the moment. Alhamdulillah it helps with their listening comprehension and they have picked up some Arabic words too.

The series called Quranic Stories for Children in Arabic and have been uploaded by EraseNewsecret. You can search on youtube or you can click on the link below and thereafter find all the cartoon series. There are all the prophets’ stories in Arabic that you may find useful inshaAllah

The story of Yunus a.s



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