Serious Discussions


My kids seriously trying to engage in conversations about Hereafter, Jannah and Allah swt. Usually I link one of their daily tasks to good deeds->Kiraman Katebin->Day of Judgement->Jannat and rewards to good belivers etc.

Sumayya and Safiyya are both so inquisitive about all the little details and keep asking me more and more questions. So, the other day I was flashing the names of Allah swt at circle time. Sumayya, mashAllah, can read in Arabic and improving daily. She reads the flashcards and if I know the meaning I try to explain. She read the word AlJamiyl in Arabic and I was saying that it means The Most Beautiful. Usually we have made a rule that none can say “I am the most beautiful” or “so and so the most beautiful” etc in our house. We always have to say that everybody is beautiful and equal. Therefore Sumayya started arguing with me

Sumayya: No, mommy. Everybody is the most beautiful
I said: Allah is the Most Beautiful and then everyone else is beautiful
S: No, but everyone is beautiful as well
I: Yes but Allah is the most beautiful.
At this point Safiyya too started arguing
Safiyya: No mommy, Allah is beautiful and everyone is beautiful, same-same.
I: Allah is more beautiful than everyone else. You, me, daddy- we are all less beautiful than Allah swt. Allah is the best beautiful

They were both so touched by this, by the fact that Allah is the absolute most Beautiful that there is nothing and none to compare to Him azza wa jal on earth. Well, to be honest, I too get so emotional when I try to explain these things to my kids. Explaining it to little children in a language that is appealing to them reinforces all the reality of the Beauty of Allah swt in me. SubhanAllah, even writing this I am getting so emotional thinking will I be able to get to see Him swt in the Hereafter?

Anyway, my girls were so moved to know that Allah is the most beautiful and immediately Sumayya asked her next question

-Mommy, is Allah a boy or a girl
-He swt is not a boy nor a girl. We don’t know that Sumayya
-But does He have eyelashes
-I dont know Sumayya. (then I looked at her innocent face for shortwhile). Do you really want to see Allah?
-Yes, mom, I really want to see Him
-Then you have to be really good, extra good. You always have to listen to me, daddy, grandma. Never fight with Safiyya, be kind to all your friends, share your clothes with miskeen and do all the good deeds in the world. Then on the day of Judgement Allah counts all your good and bad deeds. If you have more good deeds then Allah swt will enter you into Jannah and that’s where you see Allah

Then I could see what I said was really having an effect on her. Whenever we read a story, if a character is good then kids keep asking me if he/she is in Jannah. I say I dont know except when we read the prophets’ stories then I know the answer is yes. So, they know all the prophets will be in Jannah together and all the good people will be in Jannah together. And Allah is the only one who can decide it.

They have got into the habit of reading a surah from the Qur’an and making dua before bed time. None asked this, none mentioned;, it was Sumayya’s initiative and when I praised her for doing so Safiyya joined. Usually I read to them 2-3 books, read the surah Falaq, Nas, Ikhlas and leave the room after blowing on to them. Thereafter they read various different surah from the Qur’an, their evening and before bedtime duas in Arabic  plus they make long list of duas in Uzbek. With lights off, I wait behind the door to catch what they are saying. So, Sumayya was making the following dua last night

-Ya my Allah, will I get to Jannah or no….(long pause) Please send your angels to count my good deeds soon. Will have more good deeds or no, my Allah please let me have more good deeds. Let me listen to mommy and go to Jannah

SubhanAllah. They keep asking me so much about Jannah too, usually the question is if there will be an item X in Jannah. Such as, will there be a seaside? a lake? a bouncy castle? an ice-cream van, princesses, castles etc. I have to give them long list of things they could find in Jannah. I say to Safiyya “You can eat as much orange as you like in Jannah because none gets eczema there”. They know none gets poorly in Jannah and none gets dirty even if they play in the mud lol.

I am teaching 2 other homeschooled kids 2 days a week. MashAllah they are such wonderful kids of age 6. We had a long discussion on Jannah with them too and kids were so quick to bring out all their knowledge of Jannah at circle time. Dawud, one of the kids, was saying “You know in Jannah people dont need a bathroom. You can eat all you want but you still dont need a toilet” lol. I was so impressed with his knowledge lol. Alhamdulillah, I try to build on the love of Allah, the love of Qur’an and the love of the prophet saw in a positive way. So, the description of Jannah really motivates them to be the person we want, inshaAllah.

Whenever I want my girls to get on with their little tasks I remind them of angels writing down their good/bad deeds. Also at circle times I do mental comparisons with good/bad deeds. This is a bit too easy for Sumayya but we do it for Safiyya and her elder sister has a turn too, even if she finds it too easy.
-You have 8 good deeds and 5 bad deeds which one is more. Tell me when I clap.

They havent had a chance to use their good deeds tree lately but they somehow remembered it today and were rushing here and there, polishing, tidying etc in order to earn a leaf for their Good Deeds Tree. Alhamdulillah, they help me out a lot around the house.

MashAllah, whatever we do we try to link it back to Allah swt and end up having an important conversations on Aqeedah. Even little Safiyya has picked up so much about HereAfter from our little discussions here and there. I feel this is the real blessing of homeschooling.  We can be an “in-the-moment” mom in the lives of our children inshaAllah.

My little helpers are washing the dishes after breakfast. They bake 2-3 times a week and help with tiding up daily. MashAllah.



Educational Arabic cartoons


As I have explained in my previous posts, when teaching a second or third language to children, we should aid their listening skills first to get their ears used to various different sounds in a particular language. Children will pick up vocabulary from context as well.

I will let children watch educational cartoons for 30 mins after our daily Qur’an hifdh sessions in the mornings. It is like a reward for them mashaAllah and they really enjoy watching even if their Arabic is limited at the moment. Alhamdulillah it helps with their listening comprehension and they have picked up some Arabic words too.

The series called Quranic Stories for Children in Arabic and have been uploaded by EraseNewsecret. You can search on youtube or you can click on the link below and thereafter find all the cartoon series. There are all the prophets’ stories in Arabic that you may find useful inshaAllah

The story of Yunus a.s