Safiyya: Reading progress


Alhamdulillah our days are getting busier and busier; more and more productive. All with the Mercy of Allah swt. I am so thankful for Allah has blessed us with guidance to homeschooling. The more we do it the more we fall in love.

Sumayya is reading on average 3-4 books a day. She is so inquisitive about anything she comes across in books and finds interesting.

Safiyya recognizes all the phonics now. I am using Jolly Phonics Flashcards with her as she seems to be better at sight-reading rather than blending. Alhamdulillah the set of flashcards was passed on to us by a dear sister and came in so handy to teach Safiyya how to read. I take out 10 flashcards for a week and she is learning how to read this way.

The cards have a particular sound highlighted in the middle and a word to go with it at the bottom. And if Safiyya can’t remember the word I quickly flash the back of the card where there is a picture and it prompts her to read the word.

She has also been trying to write independently. She can easily write most letters but she does struggle with some like “Z”. So, she does lots of tracing all week long and she loves doing it. Alhamdulillah, the starfalls programme really helps her to get the hang of blending. After completing the work for each word group she prints off the tracing worksheet and does it there and then.


I am taking things in a much relaxed manner with Safiyya. Maybe therefore I find that she is learning much quicker than her sister. I mean she was always trying to do things on the background when I was teaching Sumayya. But we only started to give her real one-on-one time, focus and attention last September 2011. I never force her, the way I used to do with Sumayya. If she loses interest in the middle of the work I just let her go and most of the time after wandering off for a few minutes she keeps coming back and asking me to sit down with her and help her to learn.

So, in 5 months she has finished learning all the letters of both English and Arabic alphabet. All the numbers (that is 0-10) of both English and Arabic alphabet. She has memorized lots of words in Arabic and has memorized from An Nas till At-Takathur (that is 13 surahs) from Juzu Amma. SubhanAllah, though we do struggle with her discipline and “creativity mode” (the way she keeps cutting everything and anything, breaking things in order to remake etc), she seems to learn things real quick.

I bought these workbooks sometime ago on sale and she loved them. I don’t like using workbooks solely but we do a lot of hands on activities to go with these workbooks. She has The Alphabet (Phonics), The Numbers and The Writing activity books.

She does 1-2 pages as and when she wants. Samples pages starting from the left: from Writing Book, from Phonics Book and below from The Numbers Book.




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