MEP: Year 1


I think I have mentioned somewhere before that we finished MEP Reception with Sumayya last summer. I really liked the book though some math concepts presented was a bit challenging for Sumayya at that time.

We did start MEP Year 1 this September but then clashes with public school made it unable to continue. Plus I found the beginning of Year 1 too easy. I somehow expected it to be a bit more difficult as things were getting more difficult towards the end of Reception. So, we left it there and were using some worksheets, workbooks here and there.

With push of a dear sister I started using them again. I like MEP math programme because you get the whole year of math curriculum, teaching materials along with teaching guidelines completely free. You print them off, quick look before each lesson and go ahead with your math session. Alhamdulillah the programme incorporates the use of math manipulatives a lot like counters, marbles, soft-ball plays and small objects etc. So Sumayya has resumed MEP Year 1 this week and we finished the first 6 lessons. The lessons teach the concept of odd/even numbers, comparison (more/less), patterns and opposites. There were lots of fun activities in the guidelines.


Below Sumayya is trying to copy the pattern and tried to identify the odd/even numbers in number ladder by drawing a little horizontal sticks next to each number two-by-two. Alhamdulillah she understood the concept of odd/even number better that way and we practised counting by two’s like 2, 4, 6, 8. She is good at one more/one less activity we do at math circle time. I ask her orally questions: “What is one more than 14?”  she replies “15”, “what is one less than 23?” she replies “22”. Now, I am going to ask her 2 more/2 less questions at circle time and she solves these problems mentally (in her head without using her fingers or pen and paper etc).

I tried to use MEP Reception with Safiyya and she finds some bits a bit boring/easy and some bits a bit challenging. (The book in itself is easy but I made it challenging with extra bits of activities for her so she found it too hard then and quite happy with her math sticker workbook)



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