Beginning reading Arabic


Alhamdulillah, by the Mercy of Allah swt, Sumayya has started reading in Arabic. She can read the surahs she has memorized very fluently. I think she does read half from the memory and half from the print. She tries to read the surahs she has not memorized and doing so well.

We have started using the book called Ahsanul Qawaid for both Sumayya and Safiyya. I loved the book and the order/presentation of each lesson. The flow of lessons is so smooth, the lessons build on each other like building blocks and child starts reading on Lesson 4.

Safiyya knows the use of “fatha”, “damma” and “kasra” and knows they make “a”, “u” and “i” sounds but like I said she finds it hard to blend sounds. She is instead memorized the written form of words. She recognizes the word “Allah” for example in Arabic and always plays word-hunting games with 2-3 words when we do Qur’an memorizing sessions. She recites all the 12 surahs off by heart, then I open the last page and ask her to find certain words namely “Allah”, “Qul”, “Nas”. Usually it has to be one of the high-frequency words (a word that is repeated many times) on that page. Alhamdulillah she is really good at word hunting.

Sumayya can read in Arabic now. Sometimes I cant believe she has started reading in Arabic, subhanAllah. I mean it is not our 1st or 2nd, or even 3rd language. We dont speak it and we dont live in Arab-speaking country. Plus the fact that she is not even 5 years of age yet makes it hard for our family and friends to believe that she can read and write in English, Uzbek and Arabic. I am not saying she is a genius of some kind. No, but it only shows that if parents put a little bit of effort and be consistent, children can read and write in 3 completely different languages before they reach 5.  Anyway, here is the book we have started using.


We have just finished lesson 6 and proceeded onto learning the high-frequency words of the Qur’an. Sumayya reads them easily, as you can see on the left page words like Huva, Laka, Hiya etc. Safiyya tries to identify the beginning sound or find fath, damma, kasra etc.

Sumayya has finished her Arabic Handwriting Book given by Arabic School. She now copies 4-5 words from Ahsanul Qawaid or 1-2 sentences from her Uhibbu Deeni Book. So she is doing copywork to improve her Arabic handwriting. She has a lot to improve yet as she is still not very much interested in Arabic writing


Safiyya has Arabic Handwriting Book that she uses at Arabic school. She is also trying to write the stand-alone forms of Arabic letters independently.


I have also started using the names of Allah flashcards I made long time ago. Sumayya was still a baby when I made these. My original plan was to flash these to help her to learn how to read in Arabic. (to be used as flashcards as in Doman method). But, Alhamdulillah she can now read these easily and I can use these to teach Safiyya how to read in Arabic now. So, I take 10 cards out each week for Sumayya to read/talk about meaning and I flash them to Safiyya at circle times.


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