What to do with 6-12 months olds


I have been wanting to write more about Ibrahim. My mom-in-law always asks me to write more about Ibrahim so that we know what activities he started doing at which month etc

I cant believe he is almost 8 months. It seems like yesterday, my days of being overdue with him and impatiently waiting for his birth, subhanAllah. And here he is, wearing 12-18 months clothes at just 8 months. All my kids grow very fast, mashAllah, so I have always had chunky fat babies lol.

He started growing teeth at 6 months and now at 8 months has 4 teeth- 2 at the bottom and 2 at the top. I have been reluctant to start brushing his teeth but we should start soon inshaAllah.

We have started weaning him around 5 months- nothing official but we would let him try tiny bits of food from our plate to get him used to different texture and flavour. Alhamdulillah, he showed much interest in joining in mealtimes and started eating very well right from the start. He now sits in high chair and happily tries to feed himself. I leave a little bit of food there so that when he tries to feed himself I quickly put my spoonful of food into his mouth. Team work, alhamdulillah.

We have started weaning him on fruits, mashed banana, pear, apple. I would squeeze pear, orange, and apple for him. Then we introduced cooked vegetables like mashed potato, carrots, broccoli etc. We make lots of soups so I would just take out the vegetables from the pot and mash them alltogether for him. He loves yogurt, peach and pear. He recently started eating rice and pasta. He has not tried meat yet but that is fine. He will have plenty of chance lol, inshaAllah.

Yesterday 15th February we made him bald a second time. He has a bath every other day and we have moved him to big bath sometime ago. He loves water and playing in the water. He loves playing with foams stuck to bathroom tiles. He tries to reach them and peel them off. It is like removing a sticker from paper and good exercise for his fingers.

He can sit independently, roll over to reach things and crawls backwards.

He likes holding objects, small toys, teethers and chewing on them. He loves ripping paper. Once he ate some bits of paper, usually he grabs any chance to quickly reach for papers lying around, rip small tiny bits and put them in his mouth.

He is read aloud 1-2 times a day and he loves books, Alhamdulillah. He has started playing very early. He would have reactions to facial expressions and games like peekaboo etc when he was few weeks old.

And last but not least, it has been 2-3 weeks since grandma started potty-training him. MashAllah I cant believe how well trained he is. He does most of his toiletry needs in the potty and we are saving on nappies. Alhamdulillah, usually we put him in potty after we feed him and most of the time the result is there lol.

So, my plans for him are:

  • BATH- keep bathing him every other day. Introduce other games during bath time, counting objects, talking about colour etc.
  • SWIMMING- I am planning to start swimming sessions with him on Sundays when his sisters are at Arabic school. Alhamdulillah the university pool does ladies only sessions where I can take him.
  • READ ALOUD- at least 2 books a day with Ibrahim. Make sure it is one-on-one inshaAllah. Alhamdulillah we have plenty of board books, with interactive bits so he cant rip the pages
  • QURAN- he listens to Qur’an in the mornings with his sisters. But we should do more focused, more organized Qur’an sessions with him. I remember Sumayya would listen to the whole of juzu amma daily at his age where I would do some baby gym with her on the gym ball with Qur’an reciting at the background.
  • DO PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES- such as babygym, baby yoga etc. Try to help him crawl better. He can now stand holding on to things but trying to improve his positioning. So, will keep on working on making him more mobile inshaAllah
  • PAINTING/COLOURING- InshaAllah he is old enough to be introduced to colors.
  • WALKS/PARKS/OUTDOORS- usually I take his sisters out between 30 mins-1 hour daily. We have not been able to take Ibrahim out much due to weather and it interrupts with his nap times etc. InshaAllah trying to get him out to fresh air as much as possible.
  • PLAY TIME- keep playing lots of baby games, nursery rhymes etc.
  • TALKING- he does get plenty of talking about things that surrounds him. I try to explain things to him (saying eyes pointing to his eyes, ears pointing to his ears etc)

Alhamdulillah these are the things we have been doing with him but want to do more constructively. I am especially trying to focus on 3 out of my list: 1- aid the physical development, do lots of baby gym, start swimming. 2- lots of together listening to Qur’an time and 3- lots of reading aloud time. And these 3 I would recommend to any moms who have 6-12 months olds inshaAllah.

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