Qur’an centred activities


Alhamdulillah wonderful sister um an Numan over at A Muslim Child is Born  has put together word workbooks for small surahs from Juzu Amma. We have done surah Al Fatiha, surah Al Ikhlas and surah An Nas so far. Alhamdulillah the girls enjoyed it, so did I. It is perfect material to introduce children to learn how to blend Arabic sounds and to actually read the Qur’an in Arabic. The books provide variety of activities such as tracing, cut/paste, matching words from ayah, word hunting and sequencing the ayah in the right order of the surah etc.

Reading the ayah and finding the same word as in the box below. Sumayya could easily read ayah aloud and Safiyya can recognize the same word by sight only.

Cut and paste the words in the relevant boxes (matching the words to its shadow in the boxes). Again Sumayya was reading them aloud and Safiyya was doing the pasting by sight recognition.

Matching the words on the right to the words on the left

We played the following board game from surah Al Ikhlas . Alhamdulillah it was fun and engaging game for my 3 year old too.

We  usually do lots of word hunting with Sumayya on mushaf. I always ask her to count the number of ayah in a surah she recites, find the last ayah, or ayah Nx, find one of the high frequency words within that surah. Alhamdulillah she is able to follow the Arabic print with her fingers. Usually she recites better when she follows the print with her finger. I think when she sees the next letter (i.e wow with fatha- wa) it prompts the next ayah in her head and she doesnt pause or doesnt get stuck. If she is reciting solely off her memory without looking at mushaf, I will help her to remember the next ayah whenever she pauses. Usually she pauses because she gets confused with similar ayah that come in different surahs. For example, Surah Inshiqaq, Surah Intifar and Surah Takweer have lots of similar words and word combinations and thus I too get confused when reciting off my memory, subhanAllah, never mind the 5 year old.

So, because of the previous work on mus’haf, Sumayya found these too easy. And she keeps asking me to print her long surahs, like surah Al Fajr word workbook. She wants to do the same worksheets for her surahs. The girls have divided the surahs of Juzu Amma between themselves. It is Safiyya’s surahs from Nas to Takathur, and surahs from Qaria to Naba belong to Sumayya.

Below are some more sample pages. I encourage all mothers to try these word workbooks for introducing reading the Qur’an. Although Sumayya found them too easy, it was a good reinforcement for her to do. And it was a bit challenging for Safiyya . She can recognize words to match by sight, she can do letter hunting and she can do cut/paste activity easily. So, she is doing well re sight-recognition of words. But she can not blend them and couldnt read individual words aloud. So, it would be ideal to do these again when she is 4 inshaAllah.


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