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I dont want to make blogging a burden on myself lol. So, inshaAllah whenever I get time and motivation, I will share our updates and progress on each subject. So this is the Arabic progress so far.
Alhamdulillah, Safiyya now recognizes all the letters of the Arabic alphabet.  She has kinaesthetic learning style which means she likes to touch, feel, hold, make and do things in order to learn. My two main tools of teaching the Arabic alphabet has been the Arabic Alphabet wooden puzzle set and Arabic Alphabet blocks- both from

She does the puzzle and we sing along the “alif, baa, taa” nasheed pointing to each letter at a time. Then I ask her to point to letter ‘daal’ etc. Then it is her turn to ask, she pretends to be a teacher and asks me to show letter ‘x’ etc. She loves being a teacher lol.

With building blocks, I ask her to make a train by putting all the letters in the alphabetical order alif-to-ya. Alhamdulillah she has just mastered to put all the arabic letter blocks in the right alphabetical order by using our Arabic Alphabet poster as a reference. Then again I ask her to show me different letters one at a time. Then it will be her turn to ask. At the moment she is trying to write her name in Arabic as she started to attend the Arabic school on Sundays with her sister. She knows ‘sod’ ‘fa’ ‘yaa’ the letters used in her name and she can identify the beginning letter in simple words such as Qaf for Qolam, Mim for Masjid etc.

These are the books she uses in Arabic school. As she joined the school after two terms due to her young age we have a lot of catch up to do within the books. (they wouldn accept in September as she was not even 3 then. They accept from 4 but Safiyya was crying for her sister every single Sunday and was so adamant that we had to put her in following Christmas holidays. Alhamdulillah she loves it there)

One is a workbook or exercise book as Arabs call it :). It introduces the letter, has some coloring and tracing. Then it offers really interesting exercises matching or identify which word begins with a letter learnt above. Last week she learnt the letters Baa, Daal, To, Ha and did all the exercises

The second book is to introduce reading and learning the vocabulary by heart. For each letter, there is 3-4 words where the letter is used a couple of times and highlighted for easy recognition. She can recognize most of the words once we learn them. 

Sumayya has just started reading and writing in Arabic, alhamdulillah. She can read words and sentences from her Reading book. She copy writes most sentences from her books but at the moment she is practising to write 3 letter words without looking at a book.

She has 4 books. 1. Handwriting 2. Vocab and Reading. 3. Workbook. 4. I love my deen- Islamic Studies

She learns 3 letters a week. Handwriting the letters in beginning, middle, end forms as well as the stand alone form. She finished her handwriting book and learning all letters in different shapes and forms. These are sample pages from her handwriting book.

Sample pages from vocabulary book. Alhamdulillah she memorizes words very quickly and can read this book very easily. Good thing is there is no fatha/damma/kasra and she can still read it because she has memorized the word and can recognize it.

Sample pages from her workbook. She can read and match the words to a picture. She can identify the letter ‘x’ within a word. It is like letter hunting game. You present several different words written in Arabic. Child has to identify weather the letter ‘x’ is in the beginning, middle or end,she has to find and circle the letter.

Some more sample pages from the workbook. It might give some ideas for those who want to make some engaging Arabic learning worksheets. You can easily do so with the ideas presented in the book. I am no good at making worksheets but a lot of the time I just use their ideas to practise vocab and writing with kids. Whilst cooking for example I sound out the letters Qaaf, Laam and Meem. Sumayya has to find the word Qolam and say which letter is in the beginning, middle, end etc. I write several words on a plain paper when we sit down and ask her to find the word ayn (for eyes) or find all  ‘mim’ letters and how many times it has been used in how many words etc. I copy the ideas used in books to review as and when we get 5-10 mins here and there. You dont need planning or anything as far as you have paper and pen within your reach :).

Phew, I guess my blogging skills are just coming along lol. I was hoping to do 3 posts today but I am going to leave the Qur’an progress for tomorrow now. It took me ages to do the Arabic and Seerah. And subhanAllah it was a small showcase of what we actually do. Anyway, if anyone has tips on how I can do less time consuming posts in the future please leave your tips in the comments section below. I would really appreciate it and jazakAllahu khayr in advance :)


4 thoughts on “Arabic Progress

  1. What kind of story books did she use? Are they in Arabic with words all have harakat on them?

    By adding little grammar what I meant was incorporating very simple grammar, for example they know how to say a mouse, a house and a cat in Arabic but they do know how not say the cat is in/behind/in front of the house. Or they know how to say school, shop but can not say I/we go to shop by bus/car etc. I just thought I should give a try and see how they take it.
    I did start a little project (with a sister checking my Arabic ) and currently kids are working with them. InshaAllah as time permits I’ll try to share them on my blog.


    • InshaAllah I intend to write more on Arabic books and how we are progressing on this. With a little introduction on the theory of SLA (Second Language Acquisition) I hope it helps us to understand more how children master a second language and what steps should be taken in what order etc. InshaAllah as and when I can :)


  2. Bir kunda 3 ta post yozmoqchi boldizmi rostanam : )
    Safar oyi tugab qogani uchun 1-2 ta qolib ketgan postlarimi yozib qoyey deb otirgandim, qarasam boshqalar bir yozganda juft juftiga yozishibdi MashaAllah.

    mashaAllah, great progress and keep up the good work inshaAllah. Jazakillahu khair for sharing.

    We also do mostly vocabulary, reading, listening and writing. I really want to teach some simple sentences, phrases with whatever new vocabulary they learn but I have not actually sit down and planned how to do this. For example when they learn a new word they should be able to use in a simple sentence or make up a phrase with correct grammar rule. Maybe we can get together with some homeschooling sisters (someone who is fluent in Arabic would be great) and do our own worksheets/activities to help our kids learn more Arabic (not just new vocabulary). Something like simple lessons from Al Arabiyyatu Bayna Yadayk and Madina Arabic Reader. Madina Arabic Reader is a good book, but after a while it gets hard for 4-5 year olds.

    InshaAllah we talk about this later…


    • Umm Sara,
      To be honest I wouldnt expect them too much at this point. Making a sentences or a phrase with a correct grammar in Arabic is far beyond my expectation :), as I am lacking time and motivation to catch up with my own Arabic studies. I will have to teach myself first :P
      I would do lots of reading and listening in Arabic, focus more on their comprehension skills and expanding vocabulary. An experienced sister was telling me the other day that she purchased language curriculum and did lots of spelling/grammar with her older children. But with younger one she just kept reading and she picked up all grammar, spelling from books herself. And this younger child is now better than her older siblings mashAllah. She was saying if she could do it again she would just use books, emphasis should be on good, motivational story books that keep to grammar rules (most children’s books skip grammar sometimes and spelling too).
      I have some ideas for interesting and more engaging Arabic worksheets but to be honest I completely lack the technicalities of making such stuff. A lot of the time I create their worksheets with pen and paper just sitting on the sofa :)
      Maybe we could catch up over at skype sometime inshaAllah and discuss these


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