The most needed quality


Wednesday morning. It is a normal homeschooling day for us. I prayed fajr with my two girls, we made zikr and dua. Alhamdulillah, Sumayya loves this morning ritual and most days follows me without being told. Safiyya, my “ants-in-her-pants” 3 year old, on the other hand, doesnt like praying that much at this stage but enjoys making dhikr and dua. She always asks for healthy sweeties and oranges in Jannah that doesnt make her eczema worse, subhanAllah :). Poor child suffered from a bad eczema as a toddler and is not allowed citrus fruit, most sweets and chocolates. May Allah give her and other eczema prone children a complete shifaa, amin.

Anyway, we have breakfast following which we all sit down to do our numeracy and literacy. Safiyya is currently working with phonics, numbers 0-10, counting and simple addition with numbers 0-5. She is also practising independent handwriting. She has a writing workbook where she does lots of tracing, colouring and following the lines. She loves that. But she is not very keen on independent writing. And she keeps moving about during lessons which makes me ANGRY….

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