Why I decided to homeschool…


I have read a lot about homeschooling long before my eldest child reached school age. Full time public schooling is optional from 4 years old and compulsory from 5  in the UK. There are religious, philosophical and other reasons for our decision of homeschooling. But, ultimately, husband and I believe we can offer a more suitable education for our children at home.  I will explain how we reached this decision and why I pulled my 4 year old out of public school after 3 months of trial period.

Firstly, I read a lot on homeschooling when Sumayya was still a baby. I was greatly influenced by some 19th century educators such as Montessori, Charlotte Mason who emphasize the importance of home education. I read lots of books on early learning and children’s development between the age 0-5 by authors such as Waldorf, Doman, Montessori. I have really enjoyed to participate in my children’s early learning and was able to teach Sumayya how to read and write, early Maths and beginner’s science before she reached optional school age (which is 4 in the UK).

However, when the time arrived to send Sumayya to school in September 2011, I was not ready to conceive the idea of full time home education. My main questions being a) Till when do I homeschool? b) And how about her socialization and English? With these in mind, we have sent her to school.

Another thing that made me comfortable with full time public schooling is that we live in catchment area of good schools and she was allocated one of the really good primary schools where we live. Plus, I was aware of flexi-schooling arrangements being legal in the UK and thought would try to arrange flexi-school for her later on.

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