Kid’s Talk


This is again a new project I have been thinking for a long time. All you need is a child/children and a clean notebook. Write down “Kid’s Talk” on the front cover page of your notebook. And you can record your child’s very unique conversations and talks in this notebook.

Sometimes my children amaze me with very thoughtful statements. Sometimes they make us laugh with their innocence and very funny talks. Sometimes what they say really makes me ponder. I always think I will write it down before I forget as I would like to read and remember these days together when they are older. It must be especially nice to read it together when they are adult and have their own kids. But all too often I forget, with some much running around the house lol.

Anyway, later I had this idea. It’s impossible to record all of their conversations and talks. But what if each week I try to spend 10 minutes  doing a focused activity merely to get them talk, cause a conversation and I can write their conversations, thoughts, opinions and ideas on that topic. Once a week seems to be okay and this weekly KIDS TALK activity takes maximum of 10 minutes. I present something visual, a picture, an object and pose 1-2 question and try to cause a useful and meaningful conversation with both my kids, Sumayya and Safiyya. And inshaAllah I will write down their answers and opinions quickly after the conversation. This gives me a chance to observe their speech development and note what is going on in their minds. I invite all of you to participate in this project and share your notes on your KIDS TALK notebook. Let us have fun reading our kids thoughts and it is so joyful thing to do too!!!

OK. This week’s topic for KIDS TALK is “Growth and Change”. You need to find three pictures of your children as babies and three recent pictures. Talk to them what they did then as a baby and what they can do now as 3 year old/ 5 year old. Try to remember what they say and how they express their ideas and thoughts. Remind them how Allah created them as baby and Allah provided food/family for their healthy growing and therefore we have to be grateful ( this helps to develop the Habit of Gratitude) .

Please share the conversation you have with your kid/kids here inshaAllah, would be nice to read what they come up with :D


MUM’s Discussion Group


I know it takes awhile to this discussion group to take off. Nevertheless, I have to start it at some point inshaAllah :).

I run mum’s discussion group with some local mums monthly where we discuss our kids’ new habits, developments and attitudes and how to deal with behavioural problems each family facing at the time. Alhamdulillah we all find it very useful and I really enjoy listening to other mums’ stories and how they solved the problem etc. I really enjoy learning from their experiences.

So, for a long time I thought of organizing some kind of online group with some sisters whom I have come to know online. And some sisters I know in life but am unable to meet physically every month to discuss the issues relating to children. When we do meet once in awhile, often there is not enough time or will to discuss such things. So, inshaAllah this group will bring together all the great mums out there who are willing to share their experiences: what problems they are facing with children’s tarbiyya, adab, manners and how they are trying to solve such problems, what is working and what didnt work etc.

Every week we choose a different topic and I invite everyone to contribute to the discussion by answering 2-3 questions I pose inshaAllah.  So, this week’s topic is the importance of  HOME environment in children’s tarbiyya. Feel free to answer any of the following questions or just talk about what is the role of HOME environment in children’s tarbiyya. What was the home environment like in prophet’s companions households? I mean the younger sahabas who were children during the lifetime of the prophet Muhammad s.a.w? For example, Abdullah ibn Umar r.a, the son of Umar ibn Al-Khattab r.a was a young child during the lifetime of the prophet s.a.w. He is considered a sahaba as he got to see the prophet. What was his home environment in the household of Umar r.a?

Here are the questions:

1. What opportunities for loving can your home provide?

2. Name some worthwhile things to do at home (with or without kids) ?
3. “You are what you eat” can this become “You are what you read”. What type of stories do you mostly read at home (with children or your own reading)?
4. Name three simple things you remember doing at home as a family where everyone enjoyed and had fun. (watching, cooking,baking sth together etc)
5. Name three simple things that makes you angry/upset at home (the sight of unwashed dishes, untidy bedroom, kids wardrobe messy/clothes unfolded etc)?