A reminder from kids

Today at bedtime I read the story of Hud a.s to kids. As usual, Sumayya was asking me lots of questions throughout the story. These days she is asking more and more about the concept of death, what causes people to die and what happens afterwards etc.

When it was snowy about a month ago, we talked about how ice might cause car crash and people might get injured /die and therefore mommy needs to drive very very slow. We had this conversation in the car. Plus we have really old neighbour who is in and out of hospital and doctors predicting he will go away soon (we have been very close to this old couple, wife- Italian, husband- Ukraine). So, we talk about Stephanie and he might die soon etc. Sure they will miss him…

So, I am reading “Hud a.s was born in nothern Arabia” and she goes “O the prophet Muhammad a.s was born in Arabia too. So they were together”

-No, Hud a.s lived before Muhammad a.s. He died before Muhammad a.s was born

-oh he died because he was too old or because he was in car crash

-hmmm, he was old

-so all of us die when we are old

-yes we do. and Allah has a record of our good/bad deeds. So He calculates it on day of Qiyamah and if you have more good deeds He will give you jannah

-Will He give you jannah too?

-I don’t know. If I have more good deeds inshaAllah ….

-If I am in jannah and if you are not there then I will look for you….

SubhanAllah, when I try to explain things to kids, it’s such a powerful reminder to myself.

So I was reminded at bedtime that we are only here temporarily and our deeds are being calculated and our actions are being recorded and will be brought to us ONE day.


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