A glimpse into our Saturday


One thing that demotivates me to blog is to be taking pictures all the time, like today lol. SubhanAllah, hats off to moms who run a blog. Most homeschool blogs I follow do weekly summaries to post. Alhamdulillah, I so enjoy reading them. But, another thing I find hard is, one can do so much in a week with a child and how to select what activities to showcase in the blog without bombarding it with pictures. I need advice and tips from bloggers on these matters. Myself, to start with I decided to do a note here and there, as and when I wanted. I don’t want to be too strict with weekly summaries etc, but I can do daily summaries when I feel motivated inshaAllah. Like today :)

So today, kids woke up at 6 am and me a little later. We prayed fajr as usual together, did dhikr and made dua. Safiyya’s most repeated dua lines “Ya Allah, give shifaa to my eczema. Let me drink orange juice, have kiwi in jannah. Give me some healthy sweeties that doesn’t make me eczema in jannah etc” then never fails to ask me again and again “Mommy, will all the chocolates and sweets in jannah be healthy?” and I always say yes :). Sumayya’s most favourite thing to ask is for a baby brother named Mohammed. Then she says “Ya Allah, give me lots of good deeds and protect me from bad deeds. Let me listen to mommy. Let me be a good girl. When I do something wrong, I shall do something good straight after it and help me” something along these lines :).

After dua Safiyya recited surah Fatiha, Ikhlas, Falaq, Nas, Kafiroon, Fath, Masad and she is currently learning surah Quraish. Sumayya recited surah Ghashiya, Fajr, Balad, Toriq and she is currently learning Mutaffifiyn.

At 10 am two of Sumayya’s friends from school came to do some learning till 12 am. We recited some short surahs in circle, we went over the Arabic alphabet. Practised independent writing (they have done tracing Arabic letters previously). You can get worksheets both for tracing and independent writing from the HERE

And with each letter we have done a corresponding vocabulary worksheet from um an Numan. Sumayya has memorized all the words on Arabic letter postcards and Safiyya has still got many words to learn by heart. So, when they write letter alif they learn 4 new Arabic words that start with letter Alif. You can download the vocabulary postcards from HERE

Then we went to the library, came home to cook and enjoy family lunch. Then we all went to visit an Uzbek family, our one and only Uzbek family friends in Bradford lol. Alhamdulillah, it has been such a blessing and we get to see each other every other day. Another long and productive day is gone, Alhamdulillah. OK, the rest is in pictures inshaAllah. 

Sumayya and Safiyya’s independent writing worksheets. Safiyya absolutely loves cutting so she chose to cut around the edges of her worksheet. She cut the table cloth the other day and when asked why she replied “I couldn’t find anything to make something so I cut the plastic table cloth”

After the girls finished writing and practising the vocab, they got to paint Arabic letters.

Sumayya’s painting.

Safiyya’s painting.

After painting they listened to Qur’an. Then I took them all to the library. They made a calendar and took some books out. Sumayya chose these story books.

Safiyya’s story books.

They collected their Bookstart Bookcrawl certificates and stickers on their tickets.

It was Sumayya’s certificate N10, so she could choose one new book to keep for herself. She chose “Whatever Next” by Jill Murphy. Last time she was rewarded “Peace At Last” by the same author and it was an excellent book to read.

I got some books to correspond what they are learning at home. And this is one of them. It is a good story to reinforce children’s knowledge of North and South Poles. Some time ago we all watched the documentary “Frozen Planet” on BBC iplayer. It was so interesting, a really good watch as a family. It was the 1st time Sumayya and Safiyya watched a documentary, but they both sat till the end asking questions all the way through. And because it is winter, I thought it would be relevant to learn more about Arctic and Antarctic. We have read this book before, but excellent to reread. Blanche the polar bear in North Pole becomes penpal with Rocky the penguin in the South Pole. Kids love this book.

So we did some geography in the afternoon, after moms collected their daughters from our house. This is the main geography book Sumayya is using currently. It is from Evan-Moor and it is really good. And our geography lesson was delivered in our new uzbek family friend’s house. (I made lasagne and we went to visit them with our food. The lady was so interested in English food. Though lasagne is not English, I wanted her to try some of the non-Uzbek cuisine lol. Alhamdulillah, she really liked it. And I enjoyed teaching her son too).

Yesterday Sumayya and Safiyya made this penguin.

Inside the Blanche and Rocky storybook, there was this little map. To learn more about mapping.

Sumayya’s drawing based on the book.

Kids easily identified North/South pole on the globe. Guess whose fingers are these? :)

Kids identified Arctic/Antarctic (N/S poles) on the map as well.

Then we finished by reading and looking through the following books. I got them from the library for our geohraphy lessons. MashAllah they both were very interesting with lift-the-flap and pull-up bits.

Kids chose to do some more drawing based on books. Alhamdulillah they had plenty of time to play as well while I enjoyed my new Uzbek sister’s company. We came home at nearly bed time.


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