A glimpse into our Saturday


One thing that demotivates me to blog is to be taking pictures all the time, like today lol. SubhanAllah, hats off to moms who run a blog. Most homeschool blogs I follow do weekly summaries to post. Alhamdulillah, I so enjoy reading them. But, another thing I find hard is, one can do so much in a week with a child and how to select what activities to showcase in the blog without bombarding it with pictures. I need advice and tips from bloggers on these matters. Myself, to start with I decided to do a note here and there, as and when I wanted. I don’t want to be too strict with weekly summaries etc, but I can do daily summaries when I feel motivated inshaAllah. Like today :)

So today, kids woke up at 6 am and me a little later. We prayed fajr as usual together, did dhikr and made dua. Safiyya’s most repeated dua lines “Ya Allah, give shifaa to my eczema. Let me drink orange juice, have kiwi in jannah. Give me some healthy sweeties that doesn’t make me eczema in jannah etc” then never fails to ask me again and again “Mommy, will all the chocolates and sweets in jannah be healthy?” and I always say yes :). Sumayya’s most favourite thing to ask is for a baby brother named Mohammed. Then she says “Ya Allah, give me lots of good deeds and protect me from bad deeds. Let me listen to mommy. Let me be a good girl. When I do something wrong, I shall do something good straight after it and help me” something along these lines :).

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A clean spoon and global waming

Safiyya, when she wants to say something really important, she talks fast and quick, fearing someone might interrupt her in the midst of her important statement. So she was having a yogurt before a meal. I gave her a bowl of soup and was just about to get a new spoon. She goes in her usual (typical for 3 year old) tone emphasizing every word she possibly could: “Why, I already have spoon in my hands. Look, I am having yogurt, i already have a spoon. I can use this one for soup too, though it has bits of yogurt. Why are you wasting clean spoon and causing global warming and killing white bears and penguins” wuhahahahahaha, me and mom-in-law had such a good laugh…Honestly, she is so hilarious, our ‘delovoy’ :)