Subjects to cover


This is something like a curriculum. I never had a fixed, well-organized curriculum but alhamdulillah my flexible plans usually work out better for us. a) I sit down b) make a list of subjects I want to teach c) make a plan of what learning items I use for each subject.

Circle Time: Usually circle times are done to give everyone a chance to say something in a group and get warmed up etc. We use circle time before each subject in order to review previously learned areas on a given subject. That means I start each subject with 10-15 minutes of circle time where we practise and recap previous sessions.

For example, at math circle time I may ask Sumayya (born in 2007) to count 0-20, countdown 30-0, ask questions about finding one less/two more (i.e what is one less than 9, what is two more than 10 etc?). I may ask Safiyya (born in 2008) to count 0-10, countdown 10-0 and ask questions on what comes after x (i.e what comes after 9?).  I may ask both of them do any hands on activity with math manipulatives (i.e- ask them to make the repeating patterns with colored popsicles, or by threading coloured beads into a string), use number/shape flashcards (i.e put numbers in the right sequence 0-10, or sort out odd numbers etc), use shape sorters, revise using the clock with a game etc. It gives me a chance to keep revising all the previously learned numeracy/math concepts and it gives kids a chance to get their brains more engaged before proceeding onto our math task planned for that day. So, circle time serves like a pre-task where we proceed from easy to a more difficult task (term used in task-based learning).  Hence, we have seerah circle time, literacy circle time, science circle time, geography circle time etc. (On busy days when mommy needs to attend to ill baby, has visitors or couldn’t make the new task ready due to dead printer etc, we have 3-4 circle times on each subject and it is perfect chance to have 3-4 revision sessions in fun way. Kids love our circle times, Alhamdulillah)

Seerah – we use two books for seerah lessons. 1. “Tell me about Muhammad saw”  and“Goodnight stories from the life of the prophet Muhammad”, both by Goodword books . The 1st one we use for our learning session- we read one story each time and do follow up activity. It could be hands on arts/crafts project, comprehension worksheet, drawing sth based on a story and coloring (they have to choose what to draw, draw themselves and then color. And when they finish the task I ask them to narrate the paragraph/passage we read that day by describing their pictures). Whenever relevant we use map and globe. To point to Arabia on globe, find Makkah/Madinah on world map and draw a route with erasable marker etc. InshaAllah I intend to the the following lapbook towards the end of our Makkan period – click here.

Fiqh – wudu, salah, fasting. We have done plenty of activities on these before, wudu jigsaw puzzle, wudu sequencing cards, what breaks wudu cards, salah position matching cards, salah sequencing cards, bulletin boards and labbooks on all three plus power point presentations. Apart from keep encouraging them to join in salah with us, most of our fiqh sessions is revision of previous activities. I choose 2-3 activities to do at Islamic Studies circle time.

Aqeeda – Last year we have made Um An Numan’s Pre-school Islamic Studies books. MashAllah the sister is full of energy and creativity.May Allah reward her. So at aqeeda circle time kids pick up one book to read. You can find all the 23 books over at her blog – click here.

Currently they are learning the branches of imaan (believing in angels, jinn, qiyamah etc). InshaAllah when I learn more about blogging, I will talk about what we have been doing more on aqeeda.

Arabic– At arabic circle time  we practise everything we have learned previously- shapes/numbers/letters/vocabulary by reading one of the books we made or using flashcards, puzzles etc. I have taken all our resources from the following: Yemen links, A muslim child is born & Arabic comes first

This year we have purchased the curriculum. There are 4 books on the set- 1 for vocabulary, 2 for handwriting, 3 workbook/exercise book and the last one called –Uhibbu deeny (I love my deen- incorporates the topic based vocabulary into how it relates to a concept in our deen. For example, for the topic- ghurfatul hammam in the vocabulary book kids learnt all the vocabulary relating to the topic such as fursha-toothbrush, ma’jun-toothpaste, sobun-soap etc and the relevant section in Uhibbu deeny is about wudu/cleanliness/Allah loves cleanliness etc ). I really liked the books mashaAllah. And girls like them too and proceeding very easily through the topics. So, after circle time we will do 1 lesson from the books mentioned above. So if it is lesson number x, they get to do lesson number x in all 4 books. Learn the vocabulary, do the exercise, practise handwriting with relevant vocab and learn how topic relates to Islam etc.

Literacy. Again, we have plenty of resources, both home-made and store-bought, to keep us busy at circle time. Then with Sumayya I am doing mostly reading and narration (based on CM). We do comprehension and vocabulary worksheets too. With Safiyya we are still covering letter sounds, phonics, 3 letter words, dolch words. A mixture of Montessori, Doman, CM activities I did with Sumayya last year.

Numeracy. I talked about match circle time in detail already lol. Now Sumayya is doing MEP Year one, Safiyya has a different workbook that she is nearly finishing. Basically she is still learning numbers, counting and recognising number sequence and repeating patterns. Very basic but Alhamdulillah cant believe how far she has come (given her Ants in her Pants nature lol)

Geograph. Use the Evan-Moor workbook plus our own follow-up activities and supplementaries from various online resources

Science. Use the workbooks plus our own follow-up activities and supplementaries from various online resources (inshaAllah will share in the comments of pictures as this note is getting too long subhanAllah.)

I have tried best to keep this short. subhanAllah, it took me so long to do this note (self-training for running a blog lol).

But please, If you have any useful links for each/any of the above do share with us. If you have kids between 3-5 year old, please share the list of subjects you are teaching. ideas and comments welcome. (JazakAllah for reading too)

The literacy box full of items to be used at literacy circle time and during self-study time. Kids can choose and do any activity in this box without my supervision.

Inside literacy box: posters and aquadraw writing mat with stencils.

Big literacy books.

Spelling flip book and ELC spelling game cards.

Alphabet floor puzzle from ELC, Slug in a Jug from Orchard Toys and The Alphabet Ka’ba from emaan productions.

Jolly phonics workbooks – Sumayya finished last year. these are to read only for revision. They seem to be a little advanced for Safiyya at the moment. And other phonics books to read.

All other literacy related colouring/dot-to-dot books and workbooks. these are mostly finished and only to be read for revision.

Alphabet frieze – brightly coloured, chunky in size and print. excellent resource to introduce beginning sounds. Safiyya likes these a lot.

The learning box-inside there are small board books on each phonics and numbers 1-10. And 2 piece puzzle-set on phonics and identifying beginning sounds (K for kite etc) Again Sumayya grew out of these and mainly Safiyya plays these now.

This is numeracy box to be used at math circle time. full of brightly colored beads, popsicles, shape sorters, felt matching objects and a clock.

Stacking cups for comparisons. Safiyya puts them from the biggest to the smallest or vice versa. Identifying big, bigger, biggest etc and shoe lacing for hands-eye coordination etc.

These are our 23 Aqeeda books from um an Numan. MashaAllah each book incorporates 2 names of Allah swt and a great resource for beginners.

These are the books we are using for Arabic at the moment.

Our science books.

Last week they learnt “float and sink” and did all the relevant activities.

We did simple float/sink experiment. Alhamdulillah it was so much fun and we all enjoyed experimenting. Basically I asked kids to collect items from the garden and home. They came with rocks, leaves, acorns, paper etc. Then I got Sumayya to make the list of items on one column, and myself wrote sink and float on other columns. They took turns to drop their items into big jar full of water and tick under relevant column. Leaf- tick under float. Rocks- tick under sink etc. They practiced reading, writing, spelling and science – all in one package alhamdulillah. This is the joy of homeschooling :)

This week in science they are learning how to use a thermometer.

Geography and seerah book we use.

Last week we read the 1st story from the book. It was Birth of the Prophet. I asked Sumayya to summarise it for me in written form and here is what she wrote. She narrated the story with my help and was making comparisons all the way through. i.e prophet was born in Arabia I was born in x. there were 3 towns in Arabia- Makkah- a desert place where prophet Ibrahim built Kaba.Madinah (an oasis) where dates grew and muslims made hijra and 3rd Taif mountainous place where grapes grew. Prophet was born in Makkah so she ticked Makka. Prophets mother’s name was Aminah, father’s name was Abdullah. my father’s name is x, mother’s name is x. Prophet’s father died before he was born and mother died when he was still a baby (they were so touched by the fact that a mother/father could die when baby is still baby. she asked -can mother die when baby is still zero? they call Ibrahim zero lol). Alhamdulillah, they keep asking more and more about prophet and always ask for baby brother named Muhammad at our dua time :)


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