Sumayya’s dreams

My 4 year old daughter just started to embark the concept of having a ‘dream’ at night. I am not sure what age children start having dreams, but recently she has been talking a lot about ‘video’s she sees whilst asleep. I always say I will write them (our conversations) down, then kind of get busy and then completely forget the exact lines she uses when she tells me about her dreams. So this morning:

-Mommy mommy me and Rawda (next door neighbour, her best friend) went to the forest in my sleep

-Really, what did you see?

-I saw Rawda, we were in the forest

-What was it like?

-It was like a video, you know you let me watch on your laptop sometimes. It was like that, video

-how did you see it?

-I closed my eyes and then I saw this video

– Let’s close your eyes again. Maybe you will see it again?

– No, those videos only come in the dark


LOL. I love these precious moments. It is always better to hear this from a child’s mouth, fresh and authentic, with an accent and pronunciation that truely belongs to children. And the way she talks to baby Ibrahim is just adorable. I just have to record it sometime :)


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