Learning chart

This is such a simple thing, I am even shy to share it. But since you asked, you will get the idea inshaAllah. This helped me to get organized with our time. That is from the time big S arrives home about 3:30pm till bed time, usually around 7:30pm. I will try to dedicate this time solely to children, as much as I can. Not always.

The chart is divided into 6 sessions as you can see at the top. The sections are called: 1.Quran 2.Arabic handwriting 3. Arabic vocabulary 4.Numeracy/Math 5. Literacy/English 6.School home work titled as S.H.L initials of S’s school. I got both girls involved in making their own learning charts. So, they got the nappy box, made flat, scocthed white sheet over it, tried to decorate it etc. On the left hand side we have got their names, on the right the prize list. When a child does an activity related to each section, she draws a smiley face under a relevant section. For Quran, they have to recite 5 surahs daily and get to draw one smiley face under quran section. For numeracy, big S currently doing addition/substraction using numbers 0-20, small S recognizing numbers 0-10, revising shapes. To earn a smiley face under Literacy section, big S should read a book, translate it to small S and we all discuss the content. whereas small S is doing 3 phonics a week plus recognizing 5 high frequency words. So, they have different targets approporiate to their age level.

The aim is to earn 3 smiley faces a day. Apart from the daily Quran, they should opt what activity they want to do each day. This has been very effective with my girls and they usually initiate themselves, without being told or with little encouragement. You explain to child while making this chart that when the chart is full with smiley faces, you will get them something from the prize list. Prize list includes the list of things you have been planning to get for your child anyway lol. In our case, I wrote gloves, slippers, pyjamas and towel robe for big S. These things I was planning of buying for winter regardless of learning chart. But now, I will only buy when they achieve their targets and it would be something they have earned lol. But most often, they completely forget what they wanted to buy when the chart is complete and is just happy to have got a chart full of smiley faces. They keep counting their smiley faces.

One thing, you have to be specific what each section means and what they should do to earn a smiley face under a relevant section. S is not keen on Arabic handwriting. I dont push her untill all the other sections are full. Quran is going to be filled 1st, as it is something they have to do every day, it is not an option. But the rest they get to choose and every day when big S looks at her chart she will amazingly say ‘I am good at Literacy/numeracy, they are nearlly full now I have to catch up with arabic as well’. So that is good. if they cant do 3 smileys a day, still fine. Some days they are not willing to do anything even after encouragement, we just skip


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