Good Deeds Tree

Ok, this one is to control the behavioural side of your children lol. Children usually respond to these kind of things very well. Again, get child involved in making the tree.

Explain the rules: for each good deed they earn a leaf or a flower sometimes. You write in the leaf/flower in detail what was their good deed ie: “Being patient while mommy was on the computer” (lol), “being quite when mommy was putting baby to sleep” “changed her uniforms without being told after school” “not being fussy about food” etc.

Child gets to stick his/her own leaf/flower on the tree, wherever she chooses. Encourage him/her to read his/her good deed, get them to number the leaves. (getting some numeracy, reading, writing out of the way alhamdulillah).

For every twenty leaves/flowers, you get them one prize. Again, write down the things you have been planning to get regardless and get one at a time, for each twenty leaves. Explain that for each bad deed one leaf/flower gets crossed out, so they will have one less.

Now, every time I want the girls listen to me (usually at the climax of my impatience and sometime combined with anger, nauzibillah), I mention crossing out a leaf/flower from their trees, and they will instantly behave better. But do not mention the “crossing out” that often, save it as a last resort.

Be patient, take your time to explain when dealing with their tantrums and stuff. And if not, go ahead and cross out one leaf but explain that you will delete the crossing out if they listen and do what they are told to. Use pencils so you can delete the cross out on a leaf with rubbers inshaAllah.

Like I said, this is so simple but having something visual like this helped us to behave well, alhamdulillah. And when the tree is full, they can hang it on their bedroom wall for sometime as a room decor, something to be proud of inshaAllah.

I hope this will benefit some of you inshaAllah and may Allah guide us allxxx

ps: I wrote both notes in such a rush, apologies for mistakes and feel free to ask


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