Why I decided to homeschool…


I have read a lot about homeschooling long before my eldest child reached school age. Full time public schooling is optional from 4 years old and compulsory from 5  in the UK. There are religious, philosophical and other reasons for our decision of homeschooling. But, ultimately, husband and I believe we can offer a more suitable education for our children at home.  I will explain how we reached this decision and why I pulled my 4 year old out of public school after 3 months of trial period.

Firstly, I read a lot on homeschooling when Sumayya was still a baby. I was greatly influenced by some 19th century educators such as Montessori, Charlotte Mason who emphasize the importance of home education. I read lots of books on early learning and children’s development between the age 0-5 by authors such as Waldorf, Doman, Montessori. I have really enjoyed to participate in my children’s early learning and was able to teach Sumayya how to read and write, early Maths and beginner’s science before she reached optional school age (which is 4 in the UK).

However, when the time arrived to send Sumayya to school in September 2011, I was not ready to conceive the idea of full time home education. My main questions being a) Till when do I homeschool? b) And how about her socialization and English? With these in mind, we have sent her to school.

Another thing that made me comfortable with full time public schooling is that we live in catchment area of good schools and she was allocated one of the really good primary schools where we live. Plus, I was aware of flexi-schooling arrangements being legal in the UK and thought would try to arrange flexi-school for her later on.


I naively believed that I would be able to combine our home curriculum with her public schooling. But she was away from home from 8:30am till 3:30pm. 7 hours away from home and family is too long for any 4-5 year old. She would come home exhausted, not willing to join in any of her regular learning activities we would do before she started attending school.

But in addition to dropping our home curriculum, we no longer had the time to do all the things we have always been doing together. These would include visiting the old neighbours, trips to local library on afternoons, trips to local parks, swimming, gardening, cooking and baking and the list goes on and on. There was just not enough time. She would come home just in time to see the sun set and do her homework. She was missing out on all these fun family activities and lifetime experiences because of school. I would often question myself “Is she learning anything worthwhile to give up all these?”  and Sumayya being ahead of her peers academically, I was already in doubt.

I couldn’t believe how much the school was affecting our relationship and bonding as a mother and daughter. So I took the time to research and learn more about education system in general and homeschooling from an Islamic point of view, in particular. I and husband watched tons of documentaries, read articles, discussed the matter extensively, both between ourselves and with family/friends. I have read and read and read and was convinced that even the best school can not compete with homeschooling which is delivered on 1-1 basis by a MOTHER who knows the child best. And the curriculum is carefully designed, tailor-made lol, to suit our faith, belief, home-environment and my child’s needs, interests and character.

Suddenly my worries began to fade. After trying public school and as a result of my extensive reading and research, I was more committed and more confident to continue home educating Sumayya. Her English seems to be Okay. She can read any children’s picture story books in English and getting better at narrating. And I will continue to homeschool so long as Allah wills. If anything I always have the option of putting her back into public school, though it would be harder the older she gets. But, so long I am at home full time with my other two children anyway, why not make the most out of full time motherhood by home educating all three at the same time. Alhamdulillah, it is such a blessing that I dont have to work and am able to assist and facilitate my children’s learning 24/7.

And I was convinced that she does more socializing at home than at school.  One has to look carefully at what is meant by socializing.  If you mean a child’s one-on-one talk and conversation, she gets it mostly at home and mostly from a mother. But in a group of 20 children teacher spends most of her time disciplining and does most of the talking. Children at this age (4-5) doesnt do much socializing among themselves. That’s what I felt after my teaching experience of 6 girls at home, subhanAllah.

Finally, we always give extra value to ‘home-made’ products. Would it not be nice if I want to make ‘home-made’ children? It is definitely a commitment and it is time consuming. Like I always say to friends “My life revolves around my children”. But I honestly feel my day has been accomplished when I do something meaningful and enjoyable with kids. We usually cover 2-3 subjects a day with my nearly 5 year old and 3 year old. It is fun learning together and I always reward them by giving them a bubble bath, taking them to park, taking them to library, museums on the weekends, inviting their friends over for a meal, letting them play with neighbour’s daughters, letting them play in the garden, letting them watch something educational on youtube (we never had TV). They accept all these as a treat for their hard work.

We plan our days around salah. There is no conflict or dispute or mixed messages coming through regarding our deen and the knowledge of deen just being established in children. And it is always nice to think that what I am doing is to please Allah swt. Hence our children is our sadaqa jaariya, our ultimate goal is to make someone who is pious, righteous, knowledgeable and “better than myself” Muslim whose good deeds and dua might benefit me and hubby in the grave inshaAllah.

In conclusion, I am re-educating myself in so many ways in order to educate my children at home. I would have never had this chance if they attended public school. I am also blessed with a supportive husband who takes active part in our homeschool journey. Every day we struggle for a better day and for a better “self”. Every day we are looking for new ways of learning. Every day we are adapting our topics and subjects based on children’s current interests and experiences. Alhamdulillah, it has been going great and we have all been enjoying Education at Home.  May Allah make our home-learning continuous, amin.


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  1. Abu Mujaahidah says:

    I am Abu Mujaahidah, a Nigerian. I and a couple of family friends have been deliberating on homeschooling our children. We will need any help you can render. I’m planning a meeting for that purpose this week. JazaakiLlaah Khairan


  2. Assalamu Alaikum!

    How are you sister? I came across your blog and got stuck in it. MashaAllah you are doing great. If you have some whatsapp group, add me in there. It would be so amazing for me to be in contact with you and getting advice in curriculum setting and activities for my children. I have three girls MashaAllah 7, 4 and 1.5 years old. Let me get cleared on subjects and schedule arrangement with your experience.

    Thanks in anticipation.


    • RAZA GILANI says:

      Salam Sister/Brother, I will be brief as you must be busy. I home schooled my sons from age 11. Second eldest is 22 but we can’t find a wife for him as everyone else has sent their daughters into college/uni and these girls are no good for us as they don’t want to get married. I guarantee that my son has never touched women/drugs/alcohol/gambling/bad company, he is well educated and inshAllah will make a good husband, so if you know any good party with a daughter aged between 16 and 24, then please give them this message and my e-mail address. JazakAllah.


  3. Bradford Guy says:

    I am based in Bradford, UK and wondered of you knew of any other parents in the area who are home-schooling?

    It would be nice to meet other parents and benefit from their experience.


    • Yes there are lots of parents in Bradford who are home educating their kids.
      Get in touch with the home school group at Islam Bradford and also Sunnah Sports Academy on Nestfield Street. They run sport sessions for home schoolers and you can meet up with families there.


    • Shakir / Umme Ahmed says:


      There is a group called Sunnah Sports who cater for homeschooled kids. They provide weekly group sessions of various physical activities. They are based off Manningham Lane, Bradford, BD8.


    • husna says:

      Hi my girls are being home schooled as i wasn’t happy with the education and support given to my eldest daughter who was diagnosed with being dyslexic. My girls are loving it but i want them to meet other children who are being home schooled. They miss having friends and going out and i feel guilty.

      can please someone contact me on modesty_mua@hotmail.co.uk


  4. Ammat says:

    I am from Pakistan and live in UAE.there is no concept of homeschooling as you guys are very supportive to eachother coz of same cities or countries.
    I have 3 boys mashaAllah.
    4 years 2 years and 3 months baby.
    Is there anyone who can guide me on Skype or watsapp so that I get proper influence and what should I do as my kid is 4years and 2 months now and eligible for school.
    Jazakallahu khair


  5. hello there, I am doing a research in homeschooling. Kindly i ask you if it is possible to contact you to get more information about this subject. I am aware of the linguistics skills of children with homeschooling. thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. ummasiya says:

    Asalaamu Alaykum i am a new homeschooler in manchester and i to find it very rewarding MashaAllah, pls does anyone know any home schooling groups or anything like that in manchester inshaAllah. i live near manchester islamic centre (didsbury mosque). Jazak Allah Khyr


    • Siedah says:

      Salaam Alaikum UmmAsiyah, I have just made the decision to homeschool my son who is 6 years old. Have you managed to find any groups in the south Manchester area?I live in Chorlton and would love to meet up with other families and their children. Jazak’Allah Khair


  7. Shakir says:


    Alhamdolillah, my wife and i have been successfully homeschooling our 3 children for a number of years. We would like to meet other homeschoolers to share resources and support and also to enable our kids to socialise with other children. We live in Bradford, UK and also have a connection with the Batley/Dewsbury area.


      • Mariam says:

        Salam sister. I live in Manchester near airport. I have a daughter 6 years old 3 boys 6,3 and nine months old baby. My two elder children have started public schooling and they are doing good in studies but deep down in my heart i am not happy at all with the fear in my mind what if they don’t turn up good practising Muslim as a result. I really want to start home schooling but I don’t know anyone of like minded in Manchester . Please put me in your what’s app group and if you know anyone in manchester who is already doing home schooling please let me know. Jzakillah u khair for sharing your own experience of making this wonderful decision. May Allah help you and all of us. Ameen. My number is 07552228385


      • Waleykumussalam sis,

        There is a massive homeschooling community in Manchester. I have now left the whatsapp group as we are no longer in the UK, but do contact Rochdale Centre in Rothertham or Islam Bradford in Bradford. I am sure sisters there have contact details for homeschoolers in Manchester and can put you through to someone.


      • Umm Zakariya says:

        Ass salaam alaikum, I hope you are well? I have a toddler (2.5 years) and we are moving to Leeds. I would like to know if there are any HS groups I could join? Also.. how do I pm you? I would like to join the what’s app group/s please.

        Jazaak illah khair
        Umm Zakariya


    • aneela says:

      Salaam we live in leeds and are new to home schooling. If there is anyone with any tips or ideas… please contact me.. jazakallah.. just trying to find our feet with it at the minute.


      • Waleykumussalam,

        Join the West Yorkshire Homeschool group on FB and they also have whatsapp group. There is a lot going on in Leeds. If you pm me your phone number, I will put you in touch with one of the sisters in Leeds inshaAllah.


      • Assalamu aalaikum warahmatullah i am looking to start a solid home ed group in bradford leeds area so mums can get together also have lots of freebies to supplement our childrens education and also help them interact with others in sha Allah doing sunnasports to.id love to hear from yoy


      • Shakir / Umme Ahmed says:


        We live in Bradford and have been homeschooling for a few years. We are interested in finding homeschooled kids to interact with our children. Please contact us if you are interested or know anyone who is.


    • Faraz says:

      As-Salaam Alaykum.
      I will be homeschooling my daughter and also live in the Manchester area. Anyone willing to meet and discuss experiences and thoughts on this and related educational topics. It would be great to hear from you.

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      • sarra abouhou says:

        Salam aleik,

        I live in Gorton and I am thinking of homeschooling my 7 years old daughter from September 2016 inchaAllah.We could discuss or meet somwhere with kids inchaAllah.
        My email adress ab23sarra@yahoo.fr.



      • Sureha says:

        As’salaamilkum sister, I also want to homeschool my son now 1 InShaAllah. I know it’s probably to early to start thinking about it now but I really would like to start rough plan, as I am completely lost on where to look and where to begin!
        I live on Hyde Manchester so if anyone would like to meet up feel free to message me InShaAllah.
        My email is surehabegum@yahoo.co.uk


    • hello there, I am doing a research in homeschooling. Kindly i ask you if it is possible to contact you to get more information about this subject. I am aware of the linguistics skills of children with homeschooling. thank you.


  8. ramsha says:

    Assalamoalaikum sister, i have decided to homeschool my son, 3 years old. Im from pakistan. Can u please guide me about the curriculum and stuff. I hope u will help me in achieving my goal. Jazakallah khairan.
    My email address : ramshatehseen.rt@gmail.com


  9. Umm Muhammad says:

    Assalam Aleikum Sister… Jazak Allah kheir for sharing this blog … may you please refer to a private message I have sent to your facebook page. Alternatively you may add me to your whatsapp 0096895140171 as I would like to discuss your blog with you and also request your kind permission to share some of your posts/qoutes/programmes and exchange .. insha allah to support the cause and multiply our Ajar bi ithn Allah ta3ala.. Umm Muhammad


    • Waleykumussalam wr wb,
      sorry sis, it took me awhile to respond to your message. Please accept my sincere apologies. Feel free to share anything you find useful on the blog. I will inshaallah contact you shortly via whatsapp. jzk khayr


  10. MashaAllah so happy I found this blog! I think the Teaching Guidelines that you posted is really helpful.

    I just recently started an educational blog, gemsforjuniors.wordpress.com which basically focuses on facts/information based on the Quran, specially targeted for children :)

    May Allah give you barakah for your effort.


  11. khadijah says:

    Assalamu alaikum sister
    I am from bradford and starting to homeschool my children and I was wondering if you knew of any homeschool clubs I could attend
    JazakAllah khair


    • waleykumussalam,
      there is a group at Islam Bradford and we meet up every wednesday 2-3:30pm to cover various academic and non-academic topics. also sunnah sports runs sports activities for homeschoolers. there are a lot more people now


  12. Umm Medina says:

    Salamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakathuhu sister, my question is how do I as a newbie set up everything? Where do I start? I feel lost and overwhelmed :/
    Do I keep the whole week free for the children? How much time per day should be allocated?
    Jazakhillahu khairan sister.


  13. aneela says:

    Salaam sisters.. I live in leeds and need some help and advice on homeschooling.. my son’s are almost 2 and 4.. Please contact me


  14. Wa alaykum assalom,

    Uzr Diloromning hati butunlay yodimdan kotarilib ketibdi. Ha bemalol savollaringizni jonatavering, iloji boricha tezroq javob yozishga harakat qilaman. Yodimdan kotarilsa bemalol eslatib qoyinglar inshaAllah.


  15. Assalomu alaykum.

    Homeschooling haqida bir maqola yozayotgan edim. Sizga 1-2 savollar yuborsam, javob bera olasizmi?
    Maqola “Amerika ovozi”dagi Talabalar shaharchasi nomli blog uchun. Xorijdagi o’zbekistonliklar ham homeschooling qilishyapti, degan ma’noda yozaman.
    O’z ismingizni aytishingiz ham shart emas. Angliyada bir o’zbek oilasi deb ham umumiy berishim mumkin. Savollarimga qisqa, 1-2 og’iz javob bersangiz bo’ldi.



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